70,000 Mini Points Giveaway to Celabrate Taproot Threshold Wallet Launch!

4 min readNov 8, 2021

Are you annoyed that you lost your Mini Points to a scammer?

Are you still paying attention to whether guarantor 7 is online and letting her participate in your transaction?

Is there a more worry-free and labor-saving way for end-to-end trust, besides querying the data on the chain?

The first threshold wallet upgraded with Taproot will give you the answer!

Participate in the Threshold Wallet Experience Camp, and receive Mini points for airdrops!

What is a threshold wallet?

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What are the advantages of threshold wallets?

It has low cost, high security and scalability.

  1. Low cost: traditional on-chain aggregation mode, where nodes collect data online. If there are ten nodes, then 10 gas fees need to be paid. Now all data under the chain are aggregated into a single data point through a threshold signature, and only a single payment is required. The handling fee is fine.
  2. High security: After the cost is reduced, users will be more willing to purchase a more decentralized data verification service. The increase in the degree of decentralization can effectively eliminate single points of failure, thereby further enhancing network security, thereby greatly improving the network’s anti-attack ability and making data more credible.
  3. Scalability: Threshold signature achieves consensus under the chain, which greatly reduces the amount of calculation on the chain, reduces the pressure on the network, and facilitates its large-scale development.

Activity date:

November 11 to November 15

Rewards structure:

Every qualified Threshold Signature Wallet will be airdropped 30 Mini Points.

Each qualified participant will be rewarded 1.251 Mini Points.

How to participate in the event?

Invite 2 or more trusted friends to create one Threshold Signature Wallet, complete the threshold wallet Mini Point transfer and earn rewards for the task.

Participation steps:

Please make sure to operate under the newest version, follow the operation guide below:

Step 1: Create a multi-signature group chat

Choose your trusted friends and create a group chat with 3 or more people.

Step 2: Create a multi-signature account

On the multi-signature group chat page, click transfer at the bottom of your page, select “Create a new multi-account”, and add your friends to complete the creation of a multi-signature account. Make sure to name the Multi-Account and set up the Threshold value*.
*Threshold value means that at least a certain number of users are required to sign to use this multi-signature account. The threshold cannot be greater than the selected number of members.

Create a multi-signature account and set up threshold value

Step 3: Application for event rewards

Complete the multi-signature address and CID and address of participants before 5:00 AM EST Nov 14th and send it to form. Mini Points will be airdropped to the Threshold wallet on November the 15th.
Registry form: https://jinshuju.net/f/EgZWta

Form for airdrops

Step 4: Withdraw reward

Choose your private address to withdraw the Mini Points rewards from the multi-signature account. The last person signed the transfer needs to cost 1.251 Mini Points from his/her private CID address as gas fee. Please make sure the last signer holds at least 1.251 Mini Points. If the last sign fails, the rest of group can sign the transfer to complete the Mini Points withdrawal.

Withdraw Mini Points from threshold wallet

Congratulations, you have learned the threshold wallet transfer!

Another article of Threshold Wallet creation: https://medium.com/@comingchat/introduction-to-the-use-of-threshold-wallet-function-9443ecc5ab69


  1. Each address can only participate in one Threshold Wallet camp activity. We will ensure qualification for airdrops for eligible participants. In order to avoid the disqualification of your friend, please treat it sincerely.
  2. Please fill in the real multi-signature account address and private account number. If you fill in incorrectly, you will not get the airdrop.
  3. Please remember your private key and password as you need it to withdraw the multi-signature account airdrop.




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