ComingChat launches an exclusive reputation warrant system on January 26.

The Reputation Warrant system provides an opportunity for platforms to identify and therefore incentivize high-quality contributions from participants, which will include content creation, community building, and gameplay, to name a few. This is critical to the growth and sustainability of…

To celebrate the Year of Tiger, there will be a 5 limited edition CID NFT “Year of the Tiger” disseminated throughout the ChainX community, the Comfuture platform, the SherpaX community, the ComingChat App, and the ComingChat community.

Total Rewards worth $100,000,000

We have organized current live events in this article for users who are lost or confused about the different giveaways.

✅- Ongoing

🔥- Coming Soon

🚫- END

Tiger ComingChat

01/ Twitter Giveaway — Jan 14th to Jan 20th 🚫


One NFT for every participant


Like, RT

Follow @ComingChatApp & @gguoss

These events are organized jointly with ComingChat, ChainX, and SherpaX.

The new year has entered its new phase. Let’s party together in 2022 — the year of the Tiger.

🎉 Participate in “Year of the Tiger Airdrop Hunt” to get Rewards worth $100,000,000!

ComingChat along with its ecosystem partners has a series of events lined up from January — February 2022. We want to…

On January 15th, we will be launching the SherpaX mainnet.

The KSX you mined in the first-round will be airdropped to your CID address. There may be certain cases where some users do not know how to check their airdrop balance; hence we prepared the following guidelines.

Checking your KSX…


ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function

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