A New Method to Earn Mini Points: Participate in the Interaction of Tapp

Tea Project and ComingChat have reached a long-term partnership agreement and will continue to promote cooperation in 2022.

TEA Project (teaproject.org) is a decentralized cloud computing platform with the scalability to meet the computing needs of the emerging Web3 ecosystem. Existing blockchains are limited by scalability and cannot meet the large-scale computing needs typical of Web3, and their add-on solutions (such as L2 and sharding) also fall short of the mark.

We collaborated on a successful AMA last week. Thousands of users have been rewarded with $TEA. Some users have accessed to the Tea Project official website to complete some interactive experiences. This time, we specially launched Tapp interactive activities to encourage users to experience the Tea Project and help everyone understand an excellent Web3.0 project better.

Rewards will be distributed as Mini Points based on the user’s investment share of MINIEA in Tapp.

*MINIEA is Tapp token

Please note: The circulation of Tapp adopts a new AMM mechanism. The higher the Total Supply of MINIEA, the higher the price of MINIEA.

Therefore, for users who hold the same number of $TEA, the sooner they participate in the purchase, the greater the share of MINIEA they will get, and the more Mini Points airdrops they can eventually get.

【How to earn MINI】

Duration: Jan.28th- Feb.7th, 2022

If you already have $TEA, how can you get Mini Points by participating in Tapp interactions?

Step #1:

please visit the official website of the Tea project and click on [Wallet]:


After entering the wallet page, you will learn how investors and miners can participate in the profit, and you can participate by yourself or wait for our follow-up activities.

But this event is mainly about participating in Tapp to get more Mini points.

Step #2:

please click [Select account]

Step #3:

Then please download the Polkadot.js Extention. Log in using your CID mnemonic or Keystore file.

Step #4:

Click on [My assets], you can see the balance of your $TEA.

Step #5:

Click [TApps], select (ComingChat), click [Buy] in Actions to purchase, and the purchase is MINIEA.

We will airdrop Mini Points to your CID address based on the number of MINIEAs you hold.

Step #6:

Enter the amount of Tea you want to spend, click [Convert back] to get the amount of MINIEA you can buy, and click [Next].

Step #7:

Click [OK] to sign and complete the transaction.

Step #8:

Go back to [My assets] to check the balance of Tapp tokens you hold.

【How to earn TEA】

If you missed the opportunity to get $TEA before, you need to get $TEA first to participate on Tapp, then there are several methods leading you to get $TEA:

Plan A:Purchase CML, and Stake to Get $TEA

Step #1:

Purchase contest CML using the CML purchase form


Referral code: MINIEA

Please remember to fill in the Referral Code, for every $100 Tea Project receives, Tea Projece will Tipping 10,000 $TEA to ComingChat Tapp.

Tapp market cap will increase with tipping. As a result, all token holders will get dividend which will boost your return on investment.

Step #2:

Stake CML to Collateral loan $TEA

1500T per C CML pledged as collateral.

3000T per B CML used as collateral.

Access to (My assets) and select the CML you want to stake, click [Deposit to loan]

Then the $TEA you borrowed will be shown in (My TEA debt)

If you don’t pay interest or pay off loan in 3 days, your CML will be liquidated, but the $TEA won’t be confiscated.

If you want to pay interest or pay off loan, access to (My assets), and select (My collateral seeds), Click [pay interest] or [pay off loan]

Plan B: Community Giveaways

Join the Tea Project Telegram community, participate community events and get $TEA reward airdrops.

About Tea Project

TEA Project achieves blazing fast app execution speed while maintaining decentralization through a unique two-layer blockchain consensus setup leveraging trusted hardware and GPS.

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

About ComingChat

ComingChat’s mission is to build a metaverse for the entire ecosystem. With the economic structure of Bitcoin, it aims to reshape the digital economy system for billions of people around the world by building a simple, secure, and private global payment system and financial infrastructure. It further strengthens the interaction between the Internet and the real world by serving as a gateway for users to enter the Web3.0 world where a programmable identity system is established with CID as users’ digital identity, thus achieving unprecedented interoperability.

It will be a trustworthy, and user-centered metaverse platform that enhances user interaction services including:

  • Decentralized social system
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • GameFi
  • NFT ecosystem
  • DApp

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram



ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function

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ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function