All CID NFTs in Your Wallet Can Be Used on Mining of KSX

I was honored to be invited to host an AMA with ComingChat CEO Guanghua on our Telegram and Discord Group yesterday. I had a wonderful time chatting with everyone and hopefully Guanghua provided some interesting answers to their questions.

In case you missed it, here is the transcript of the AMA. It includes newest features of ComingChat, the future plans for NFT, and Mining function of CID NFT. So I hope you enjoy!


ComingChat V0.0.6 is releasing now, can you describe the new features in this newest version?


  1. We improved our user experience on wallet feature. People would feel much smoother than before. Our current wallet accepts ETH, Mini Point, PCX, XBTC, and CID NFT.
  2. We added multilingual feature. Languages ​​include Chinese, English, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian.
  3. We added cross-lingual translation function. All user are allowed to translate all text into the localized language by long pressing the text message and clicking the translation button. Languages ​​include Chinese, English, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian.
  4. We added group announcement function Group administrators can pin one or more messages at the top.


C-Card is the initial concept of our ComingChat NFT. Do team redesign a special definition for this part?


We recommend our user consider C-Card separately.

C is the abbreviation of CID (Coming digital identity), which represents digital identity, which is fundamentally different from traditional identity. It does not need to be granted by traditional institutions or the state. In addition, users can define and authorize their own identity by mastering their own private key. Moreover, the traditional identity get controlled by the state.

However, CID, like BTC, owns its own private key. As long as there is a network, it can be self-certified by its own private key-I am who I am. In other words, CID can support globalization in a better way and truly help our different countries become a global village. Even if everyone migrates to other planets in the future, CID can also be used to prove their identity among different galaxies.

When it turns to Card form C-Card, Card represents a card-shaped layout of the NFT we designed, and the NFT is launched on MiniX Chain.

C-xxxx can not only be defined as C-Card, but also be combined with other NFTs such as Avatar, Audio, and Media on Ethereum. Such as C-Avatar, C-Audio, C-Media, etc. By the way, C-Avatar will be released in the next version. More details will be announced on our socials, please stay tuned. This also gives us an idea that ComingChat as the entrance to Web3.0, can embrace various decentralized platforms such as Ethereum to establish the database.

This is also a major difference between ComingChat and Web2.0 products. For example, the QQ and WeChat database belong to Tencent and both are centralized. But our ComingChat plays a totally different roles for our users. Our database is a series of decentralized platforms, such as BTC network, Ethereum network, ChainX network and so on.


Following the current hot trend of NFT, how should ComingChat break out of the siege and go out of its own unique route?


  1. ComingChat not only includes NFT, but also holds digital identity. Nowadays, the biggest function of NFT is social interaction. With the necessity of digital identity for Web3.0 social networking, the CID from ComingChat can be combined with any NFT, not only limited as C-Card. ComingChat gives us an opportunity to combine our digital identity with any NFT on any platform.
  2. For our own digital identity CID, we will create an NFT exclusively on our MiniX chain platform based on it.
  3. The NFT auction platform on Ethereum becomes very popular now, but there is almost no NFT platform based on the BTC network. As we all know that ChainX network we developed before is BTC layer2 network. We can use all BTC layer2 network (Lightning Network, Liquid Network, ChainX Network) to build an NFT auction trading platform based on the BTC ecosystem. We would like to consider it (called TBD )as the sister product of BTC decentralized trading platform DEX launched by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
  4. The NFT of ComingChat should have a continuous narrative. with its own continuity, so in the following days, we will have 5 major cultural editions with continuity stories . There are 5 series of design released every week, suitable for representative cultures all over the world.
  5. We also design limited NFT called “ComingChat Life NFT”, which represents ComingChat’s own growth and improvement. This series of NFT will be released on the Ethereum platform. Only 1~3 copies will be issued each time when ComingChat new version is released, and we can tell that the number of copies will not exceed 3 copies per month. Each sheet will represent the significant features from every version updates. ComingChat Life NFT embodies ComingChat’s improvements as its spirit, the Economic Game Theory as its soul, and the meta-universe as its essence. We design it through chemistry elements to redefines the meta-verse aspiration and builds a Web 3.0 universe. In addition, only investment institutions with the growth NFT are eligible to invest in ComingChat.


How does NFT integrate with ComingChat’s social interaction, and is there any future plan?


As we talked about inclusiveness, we need to combine all NFTs on various platforms on the market with our CID, so that our users can use the NFT on Ethereum to bind our CID. Of course, C-Card is our special NFT series. We will polish its narrative and “empathize with the past and welcome the future” to create a series of continuous stories. We accept all kinds of NFT to combine with our chat and social interactions. For example, we accept the NFT on various platforms as our ComingChat avatar, and allow users to authenticate their avatars to prove the uniqueness.


When will the number of group reach 10,000, and how much value and function it can bring to existed users compared to current group chats feature?


You will meet it by the end of this month. We have changed the IM architecture, which can make our group chat smoother and improve current poor user experience.


When we will see NFT mining start? What is the current plan?


We focus on the transplantation and development of EVM and EVM ecological tools. The schedule date for mining is probably next week, and KSX will support withdrawal and transactions when SherpaX mainnet is launched.


After the previous version of the wallet is compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, will there be other aspects connecting with Ethereum?


Yes, we will support the WalletConnect protocol. Users are allowed to log in any DApp on Ethereum using our CID.

Again, we are appreciated about your supporting for ComingChat. All subsequent official information will be updated and announced in @ComingChatApp in the future.

Thank you so much for understanding. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.




ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function

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ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function

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