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5 min readNov 30, 2021


ComingChat today announced the launch of the NFT Marketplace Comfuture beta, enabling users to purchase NFT artworks, collectibles, and other digital items. The launch of Comfuture marks an important milestone in our strategic expansion of the Metaverse, including the recent 3 million downloads of ComingChat. This market will play a key role in ComingChat’s global expansion strategy by adding a new asset class to its diverse portfolio of blockchain and encryption products.

2021 is bound to be the first year of the NFT outbreak. In the third quarter alone, the total amount of NFT industry transactions exceeded 10.67 billion U.S. dollars. NFT has also developed from a single digital art NFT to digital music NFT, digital domain name NFT and various asset mappings. It can be described as ‘everything can be a NFT’.

OpenSea, which came out in 2017, is known as the Uniswap of NFTs. At present, there are more than 250,000 registered users, 30% to 50% of monthly active users, and a market share of over 98%. It belongs to the large-scale NFT transaction comprehensive market. There are about 828,100 types of collectibles, and the number of NFTs exceeds 30 million. The handling fee is 2.5%; Rarible, which is also an integrated market, has only 50,000 users. Is it impossible to build an NFT platform? If you want to do it, how can you find another way?

ComingChat CEO Guanghua said:

“NFT brings us more possibilities in the future. NFT as the concept of immutable ownership is getting stronger and stronger, and the future of its market is even more immeasurable. However, we have discovered the shortcomings of the current NFT market, such as, sales difficulties in the secondary market. We aim to solve the immediate problems of users. On one hand, we carry the circulation of CID NFT for all users of ComingChat, and on the other hand, we will connect the NFT on a larger platform to promote secondary sales and increase the liquidity of NFT. We are looking forward to see where the NFT market takes us.”

Comfuture will help ComingChat take advantage of this emerging but fast-growing market. Throughout 2021, the growth of NFT has exploded. Market growth is also accelerating, just like the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the past year, which has attracted the attention of retail and institutional investors.

In order to cultivate projects in this emerging market, ComingChat has expanded its initiatives and services to all aspects of the NFT field, including investment and project incubation.

What is NFT Market Comfuture?

Comfuture brings together artists, creators and crypto enthusiasts on one platform to create and trade top NFTs.

The current trading method of the platform supports Dutch auctions (reduced price auctions) and fixed price transactions

Dutch auction:

The auction price varies from high to low, and then decreases until the first bidder responds to the price (reaches or exceeds the minimum price).

The decreasing rule will change with the block line type.

How to Create NFT?

We welcome artists and creators from all fields to join Comfuture.

Creative owners will be able to list their works so that NFT enthusiasts can buy and sell them.

NFT creators can earn creator royalties through transactions on Comfuture, and gain popularity of their projects on the Metaverse platform built by ComingChat. ComingChat has a base of millions of potential NFT users. In addition, there have been relatively mature NFT community auction activities, and nearly $1 million in NFT transactions have been completed in the past four months.

We are now accepting submissions and registrations from creators.

Registration channel:

We currently support 1002*630 PNG format

How do I sell NFT?

The Comfuture Beta version will be divided into three stages, namely the warm-up stage, the whitelist pre-sale stage, and the public sale stage.

Warm-up stage:

November 29, 2021-December 9, 2021

At this stage, all NFTs listed on the platform are officially listed NFTs.

All users can participate in the purchase.

At the same time, this stage is also the whitelist acquisition stage.

*Whitelist acquisition date: November 25, 2021 — December 9, 2021

Complete tasks on Twitter and join the whitelist pre-selection. Get the first opportunity to go online with NFT.

Please Note:

The whitelist will be announced on December the 10th

Whitelist acquisition channel:

Whitelist pre-sale stage:

December 11, 2021 — December 18, 2021

At this stage, whitelisted users can freely list NFT

All users can participate in the purchase.

Public sale stage:

From December 19, 2021

At this stage, all users can freely participate in NFT sales and transactions.

Selling tutorials:

To list NFT for sale, users first need to connect Comfuture’s wallet with CID mnemonics or Keystore.

After successfully connecting, click [Sale], and your NFT will be listed on Comfuture by ‘auction’ or ‘fixed price’ according to your preferences.

After the NFT is successfully sold, the proceeds will be automatically transferred to your wallet-address on Comfuture.

How do I purchase NFT?

Purchase tutorial:

Whether it is a fixed price or auctioned NFT, click the [Buy now] button on the product page to complete the transaction. After the transaction is successful, the NFT will be automatically transferred to your wallet, and the seller will receive the funds.

How do I cancel the listing of NFT?

Cancellation tutorial:

In the event of a pricing error, a change of intention or any other circumstances, you can cancel the NFT transaction that has been listed at any time. Click [Cancel list] on the personal account interface to cancel the listing.




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