Coming Semi-weekly Update(7–26–28)

Jul 28, 2021



IOS terminal:

Poca chainx wallet upgrade submit
Basic Complete Ethereum Wallet Transfer
Cid list paging load
Referral mechanism access
Details bug fixes

Android side:

Completed Ethereum Wallet Development
Complete cid list pagination load
Referral mechanism access


  • Fission Invites New Users Feature Development
  • NFT data uplink
  • Eth Transfer Records
  • Wallet function transfer, balance inquiry, mini points transfer

Desktop side:

  • Speed up the first scan code login synchronization information
    Comb through part of the code for rendering pages

Goal of the week


  • Raising Test v0.0.5 Version Full, Fix Bugs


  • Test v0.0.5 version full version, bug fix

Desktop side:

  • Optimize login speed, fix group messaging bug

Server side:

  • Complete mini points transfer back end development, complete Ethereum server development, completed fission mechanism development




ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.