ComingChat Has Been Upgraded to Support ETH and USDT Assets! Invite Friends to Earn 10 Million Mini Points!

6 min readAug 3, 2021


ComingChat Today

ComingChat digital wallet has released an upgraded version!

On the basis of supporting XBTC and PCX

Added support for two digital assets, ETH and USDT!

What aspects of the wallet have been upgraded?

Compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, realize the balance display and transfer functions of ETH and USDT

Realize Mini points display and transfer function

№1 ComingChat Digital Wallet

ComingChat digital wallet upgraded version of Tokens interface

ComingChat is a meta-universe platform that integrates five functions of privacy social networking, digital wallet, digital identity, NFT creation platform, and smart applet (ChainIDE+Web3 browser).

ComingChat digital wallet is a smart small wallet compatible with the Ethereum ecology on the ComingChat platform. With this smart small wallet, contract users on Ethereum can use Coming to do all applications on Ethereum.

In addition, ComingChat has realized that the transfer delay in the communication process is as low as seconds, and the handling fee is reduced to within the US classification, which truly integrates encrypted assets into daily life.

Supporting digital currency wallet function

Support BTC/ETH/ERC20/ERC721 and other digital currency wallets, supports BTC’s Lightning Network/ChainX and other Layer2, supports BTC aggregation signature wallet

No wallet address required for transfers

In ComingChat, you don’t need the other party’s wallet address, and you can transfer money directly by entering the ComingChat ID.

№2 Mini Points

Mini points are the native points of the MiniX open alliance chain, and their main function is to serve as a transaction fee for on-chain interaction.

Any on-chain interaction needs to consume Mini points, such as CID transfers. In addition, Mini points can be exchanged for CID account in ComingChat in the future, or get VIP qualifications for events, etc.

How to earn Mini points

Newcomers can register to get Mini points;
-Invite friends to download and register ComingChat app to get Mini points

After the digital wallet upgrade, in addition to the display and transfer functions of Mini points, the only channel for obtaining Mini points is opened for a limited time. Invite friends to download and register the ComingChat app to receive Mini points rewards.


Please download the latest version of the ComingChat App in order to enjoy the best in wallet service.

Users using Google Play can directly update the ComingChat app in the Play Store

Or recognize the QR code below to download and install ComingChat App

Click the following link to download ComingChat on IOS, Android, PC, and Mac:

If you have questions about the update download, you can go to ComingChat public number [menu bar] click[Download App]to view the full version of the download strategy!

ComingChat is a meta-universe platform that integrates 5 functions:

  • Social Privacy
  • Digital wallet
  • Digital identity
  • NFT creation platform
  • Smart applet (ChainIDE + Web3 browser).

In the future, ComingChat digital wallet will continue to maintain efficient upgrades, iteration, with better quality and service to respond to everyone’s needs, to meet everyone’s needs in the field of digital assets in a variety of asset management, interactive operations.

Scan the code to download and register ComingChat

Scan code to join ComingChat

“Meta-Cosmic Citizen Community”

Join the Coming community and explore a beautiful new world together!


Next Wednesday ComingChat”Meta-universe Citizen Community”group AMA, the theme”How ComingChat uses blockchain (MiniX chain) to solve the practical problems of socialization”.

Limited airdrop of 10 million Mini points!

To celebrate ComingChat’s upgrade

Mini points rewards are open for a limited time!

Invite friends to download and register ComingChat APP

You can get Mini points

Mini Points are the native points of the MiniX open consortium chain. The main function is to serve as a fee for on-chain exchange. Any on-chain exchange needs to consume Mini points, such as the transfer of CID, etc.

In addition, Mini points will be destroyed directly after the completion of the transaction, and can not be regenerated; Mini points can be transferred like currency transactions, free circulation; you can also exchange CID beauty number, PCX, etc. in ComingChat, or get VIP status of the event.

Limited time airdrop of 10 million Mini Points

Event Details:

1 . Update to ComingChat latest version V0. 0. 5;

IOS mobile phones can be updated directly in the TestFlight App ; new users click on the“read the original” link at the end of the article to download the latest version. (Download steps can refer to the “Coming User Guide tutorial” in the public number menu bar to download the APP.)

2. Log in ComingChat to enter the home page(shown below)

Find the invitation link at the top, send an invitation link to friends;

3. Invite your friends to earn MiniX points

Friends that you invite to download ComingChat and complete registration will earn you 2 Mini points; through your invitation to complete the download registration Coming friends, will continue to give you dividends in accordance with a certain proportion. (New user registration can get 2 Mini points)

If you invite 3 people, and these 3 friends each invite 3 people, then you invite a total of 12 people, the first layer of friends each rewards 2 points, the second layer of friends each reward 1 point, you will get a total of 15 points. And so on, you can get a total of five levels of friend invitation rewards.

👉How to check Mini Points

→Enter ComingChat home page

→Click on the top left corner of the personal avatar

→Go to the personal center to find My Wallet

→Click My Wallet to check your Mini points

(As shown in the figure below)

👉Warm Reminder:

  1. The activity is limited to one month, one month after the need to trade, exchange, etc., in order to get Mini points;

2. Invite rewards will be distributed to your [My Wallet];

3. If the user is found to participate in this activity by any improper means or fraudulent means, ComingChat has the right to suspend the user’s APP account and no longer issue rewards.

4. If you have any questions or suggestions during the event, you can leave a message directly on the public number.

I appreciate what Warren Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger said: as long as you are prepared, seize a few opportunities in life, take the appropriate action quickly, and do simple and logical things, your wealth will grow greatly in this life.

Indeed, there is never a lack of opportunity in life to get rich, what is missing is the ability to discover and seize opportunities. Ten years ago you didn’t catch Bitcoin, five years ago you didn’t catch Ethereum.

About ComingChat:




ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.