ComingChat V0.0.3 FAQ

The following sections answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our ComingChat.

ComingChat V0.0.3 FAQ

Q1: Have all the CID NFT rewards been distributed? How to check?

A1: Yes, the randomly distributed CID NFT and the 7 CID rewards for number selection have all been distributed. Select ‘My Wallet’, then ‘NFT wallet’, and you will see all the CID NFT you own.

6 CID rewards will be issued in early July.

Q2: How to log in to NFT wallet in the new version?

A2: If you are a new user who downloaded ComingChat for the first time, you can automatically log in to the NFT wallet without importing your private key. The wallet and your CID share the same Keystore.

If you are an old user of ComingChat V0.0.2, you need to import the original CID Keystore.

Q3: What if you are an old user of ComingChat V0.0.2 and have a mnemonic phrase, but have lost the Keystore of the original CID?


Android users:
After the new version is updated, Android users can export the Keystore from the personal interface

Step 1: Click on the profile picture to reach the (Profile)-personal information interface, and select [Export keystore] to export the keystore file.

Step 2: Enter the Coming Chat account password to export your CID and Coming Wallet Keystore.

IOS users:
Due to compatibility issues, users of Coming 0.0.2 on IOS can temporarily not use the export keystore function.

If you only have the seed phrase (mnemonic phrase), you can use the Polkadot js extension plug-in to retrieve the Keystore file through the mnemonic phrase.

The operation tutorial is as follows:

Step 1: Download the Polkadot plugin

  • Using Chrome or Firefox — click here to enter the official website of the Polkadot plug-in:
  • Click [Download for Chrome] to download for Chrome or [Download for Firefox] to download for Firefox
  • Add Polkadot js extension plugin

Step 2: Click the Add plug-in button to insert the Polkadot js extension plug-in

Step 3: Select [Import account from pre-existing seed] to import existing mnemonics

Step 4: Enter the mnemonic phrase and import the account

‌Step 5: Select the account, click [Export Account] to export the keystore file

Q4: What do different colours of NFT mean? What does the watermark look like?

A4: The colour of the NFT is randomly generated, and the watermark is a rocket watermark located in the lower-left corner, as shown in the figure below.

Q5: How to transfer a CID NFT?

A5: Realizing NFT transfer on the Mini chain requires Mini credits as a gas fee. Every user who downloads and registers for the first time can get 2 Mini credits for free for NFT transfer, and a single NFT transfer will cost 1.25 Mini credits.

Q6: If I have multiple NFT, how many Mini credits will I have?

A6: Mini credits will be issued to your public key, that is, one Keystore will receive 2 Mini credits. Mini credits are obtained regardless of the number of CID NFT.

Q7: How to get Mini credits?

A7: We will release specific rules for Mini credits redemption in the future.

How to update ComingChat?

If you are downloading ComingChat for the first time, click the official website download link:

If you have already downloaded and registered in ComingChat, you don’t need to uninstall the old version.

IOS users:

Go to TestFlight and click “Update” ComingChat to update to the latest version of the application.

Android users:

Go to the official website to download the link:, click the download button to overwrite and install the latest version of the application.

How to get CID NFT?

Sign up for ComingChat to give away a CID NFT to your friend. Have them fill in the form and you will receive a CID NFT too!

*No extra actions are required after registration, the received CID NFT will be automatically displayed in the NFT wallet. We will distribute them every Friday.

Please let your friends fill in the invitation form:

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