Concepts You Must Understand in The 2021 Metaverse

4 min readJul 22, 2021


As soon as the concept of the meta universe was put forward, everyone was talking about it. So what exactly is the meta universe?

The meta universe is different from the real universe. It is the virtual universe carried in the digital Internet. In this universe, everyone has a new life, a new identity, and a new appearance. In short, everything in the meta universe is the same, but reshaped.

Then the change of identity in the meta-universe will also reshape the entire cosmic order. So what characteristics should this meta-universe have?

The Metaverse Must Be Big

First of all, there are many citizens (users) in Metaverse, especially many online citizens (users);

Secondly, the content of the meta universe is very rich, with continuous exploration and expandable space, and a variety of novel gameplay.

The Metaverse Must Have Social Elements

Because human beings are social animals, so the meta-universe must also establish social interaction, which is the bond of human beings in the meta-universe space.

The Metaverse Must Be Ever-lasting

As the messenger of the guardian and maintenance of the meta-universe, the meta-universe must continue to operate;

As a citizen of the meta universe, whether online or offline, the meta universe is constantly updating and evolving, and it has a continuous influence on the citizens of the meta universe.

The Metaverse Must BeOpen

First of all, Metaverse allows all kinds of citizens to join, and all citizens can move around freely;

Secondly, the technology of Metaverse is open, and content can be added freely through the open technology interface.

The Metaverse Must Be Immersive

Because the meta universe is a new universe, for all citizens, immersion in the meta universe is separated from the real world. You can be immersed in the meta-universe through VR or holographic experience.

Is it full of expectations for this meta-universe, this meta-universe will be like the “oasis” in the movie “Ready Player One”, where each citizen is separated from his real life identity and “lives” another life in another universe.

So the meta universe has such a beautiful idea, what kind of technology does the meta universe need?

The technology of the meta universe is summed up as “BAND”

1. Blockchain — a global clearing and settlement platform to build an economic system of Metaverse

2.Activity — from open world games to meta-universe, it is the way of presenting meta-universe

3. Network and computing power Network-5G and AIoT are the cornerstones, cloud games are becoming mature

4. Display-Virtual Reality VR will finally mature, and the meta-universe display method will be upgraded

Seeing that the technology is basically available, what is the fundamental reason that hinders the development of the meta universe?

Identity is the biggest stumbling block on the way to the meta universe!

What exists in the Internet now is the strong binding of real identities, all kinds of registration and collection, all your identity information has been firmly grasped by the current big platform through the “big data screening”, and live as a virtual identity in another space. You, in fact, there is no difference between you and reality.

The ID card of Yuan Cosmos Citizen — Coming ID

Coming uses blockchain technology to allow Metaverse “citizens” to control their identities

Coming proposed the concept of distributed full privacy encrypted CID based on blockchain,

The CID digital ID has the following characteristics to realize meta-universe identity:

1) Security: The identity information of the CID owner will not be leaked at all. The CID can be permanently stored by the CID holder. The identity information is encrypted through decentralized storage and double ratchets. All identity information and communication information are safe and reliable;

2) Identity is completely autonomous and controllable: CID owners manage their identity completely independently, instead of relying on a trusted third party (no actual identity verification, no mobile phone number, identity information verification), CID owners can control their identity at will share it,.

3) Identity transferability: CID owners can use their CID data wherever they need it without relying on any platform verification. CID is presented in the form of NFT and can be freely transferred and exchanged.

Based on CID digital identity, Coming’s role as a social network application is to provide services, and all data is at the user’s personal level. The platform obtains user social data, and there is no data monopoly anymore. The social data of people on the Coming network is completely private. This mode can effectively promote the birth of new social applications to adapt to the complex and diverse social scenes of the meta-universe.

The cancer of the centralized platform in the middle of the meta-universe

In the Internet age, centralized platforms harm the interests of users through their own advantages. It is found that centralized platforms often exploit platform users by relying on their own traffic advantages and tampering with rules. Relying on the concealment of rules in Internet application services, through gradual adjustments to meet their own interests, the overall profit is tilted to the platform side.

As a large-scale platform that carries human virtual activities, Meta Universe has a natural monopoly on traffic. The meta-universe business model dominated by centralized platforms will inevitably lead to a larger-scale monopoly and control. This is a result that is more unacceptable than Internet monopoly. The citizens of meta-universe will live in the long-term exploitation of large-scale platforms. It is not conducive to the long-term development of the meta universe.

ComingChat is more than a trend

Coming user assets and CID information are not recorded on the platform, but encrypted and recorded at the bottom of the user’s own blockchain. In this mode, the platform can no longer monopolize the user’s information, but simply provides the platform’s service functions. Coming realizes the decentralized operation of platform rules through smart contracts. All Dapps on the open middleware platform achieve the decentralized execution of key logic through smart contracts on the chain, thereby solving the trust problem.

Coming has found the key to the meta-universe in the impossible triangle of “decentralization, security, and efficiency”!

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