Customized Aptos CID NTF Giveaway

ComingChat Red Packet coded in Move language is online!

Participation in the activity will receive special gifts.


We will issue a customized ComingChat CID NFT on the Aptos chain after the Aptos mainnet goes live, and holding this NFT means

1)Enjoying the related interest of ComingChat.
2)Receive a certain percentage of the future equity share of ComingChat.

How to get the reward:

  1. Follow ComingChat Twitter
  2. Tag three friends + Retweet
  3. Participate in sending or receiving any ComingChat red packet

How to send or receive Red Packet:

Activity time: August 9 to August 25

NFT issuance time: After Aptos mainnet goes live.


  1. Android version will update this week, then red packet function will online.
    2. No need to submit any address, the activity data can be checked on chain.

About ComingChat

ComingChat, a Web3.0 super app that supports the omnichain ecosystem and combines encrypted communication, social, wallet, NFT, decentralized digital identity, omnichain swap, bitcoin lending, and Discover, etc.

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ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function