DMENS Protocol: Redefining Decentralized Social Media on Sui

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Traditional social media platforms centralize users’ data, making it prone to abuse or leaks. Additionally, creators and users struggle to share the platform’s profits. The DMENS Protocol, a solution based on Sui Network, aims to address these issues by building a decentralized, open, and shared social ecosystem.

Social NFTs and Decentralized Profiles

The DMENS Protocol is a social networking protocol based on Sui Network, providing functions such as user identification, content sharing, and value sharing. It uses Sui smart contract platform to manage user data and content and pays gas fees with $SUI tokens. Users can create profiles, post content, follow other users, and interact with them. On DMENS, users can convert their created content into unique and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and issue different types of NFTs for various scenarios. These scenarios include(but not limited):

  1. KOLs issue valuable NFTs to their fans to increase fan engagement, loyalty, and revenue.
  2. Projects issue equity proof NFTs for operational activities to increase user participation, loyalty, and promote ecosystem development.
  3. Content creators monetize their content through a paid NFT model, achieving better content monetization and more revenue.
  4. Digital art market, where artists can convert their digital artworks into NFTs and sell them to collectors or investors.

On DMENS, there is a special object type of NFT called “Profile,” where each address can own multiple Profile NFTs containing basic information about the user, personal profiles, NFT assets, created content, etc. Users can modify their Profile objects through smart contracts and associate them with other objects.

AI-powered Operation Assistant

The DMENS Protocol will develop a value-added service for projects based on ChatGPT, featuring powerful natural language processing capabilities and deep learning technologies. It can serve as a marketing operation assistant and intelligent customer service agent, offering services like social media management, auto-generated attractive content, planning various marketing activities, and data report analysis. These services aim to enhance projects’ interaction quality with fans, reduce content creation pressure, increase brand awareness and user stickiness, and provide targeted optimization suggestions.

Governance of Sui Community

We will provide an easy-to-use and user-friendly governance module for the Sui ecosystem, allowing $SUI holders and community members to participate in governance effortlessly. The module can manage all data related to proposals, motions, referendums, and ensure their accuracy and completeness. It defines a clear governance process, including proposal submission, approval, voting, and ensures fairness and transparency.

Value Sharing Model and Ecosystem Construction

To fairly distribute the value within the DMENS ecosystem, we propose a model called “Value Sharing.” This model aims to allocate the ecosystem’s value based on users’ contributions and participation, rather than central entity control.

Here are the core principles and operations of the “Value Sharing” model:

User contribution metrics: We will assign contribution scores to each user based on the following indicators:

a. Content creation: Score based on the quantity and quality of content posted by the user.

b. Community interaction: Score based on the frequency and quality of user interactions in the community, including comments, likes, and shares.

c. Platform support: Score based on the user’s support level for the DMENS ecosystem, such as participating in governance, voting, etc.

The total contribution score for a user will be calculated using a weighted sum of these indicators.

a. Ecosystem value distribution: DMENS ecosystem value distribution includes token economy, advertising revenue, partner income, on-chain transaction fees, and paid services. In each settlement period, DMENS will calculate its total ecosystem value revenue and distribute it according to the ratio of user contribution scores.

b. Transparency and fairness: To ensure fairness and transparency, DMENS will regularly publish the weights and calculation methods of various indicators. Users can check their contribution scores, rankings, and expected earnings at any time.

c. Incentives and rewards: The model also sets up a special reward system to further incentivize users to actively participate in the early ecological construction. Additional rewards will be provided for NFT-Pass holders.

We hope to achieve a fair distribution of DMENS ecosystem value by implementing the “value sharing” model, while encouraging users to actively participate in community building and creating a thriving digital ecology.

DMENS NFT Pass Program

To attract more potential partners and expand the DMENS community, we have launched the DMENS NFT-Pass program. This program aims to encourage co-participation, contribution, and the joint development of a thriving digital community.

NFT Pass Issuance Overview:

Number: A total of 10,000 DMENS NFT Passes will be issued.

The ComingChat team will hold 3,000 of these for supporting development and operations.

The remaining 7,000 will be issued to the public, with each NFT Pass priced at 1,000 Sui; whitelist users will enjoy discounts.

NFT Pass Holder Benefits:

a. Partner status: Become an important member of the DMENS community.

b. Token share: NFT Pass holders will share 20% of DMENS tokens, with future token distribution through airdrops to NFT Pass holders.

c. Decision-making power: Participate in DMENS community governance, jointly deciding the community’s development direction through NFT-Pass voting.

d. Dividend rights: NFT Pass holders can enjoy DMENS profit dividends.

NFT Pass Holder Responsibilities:

The 7,000 NFT Pass holders from the public issuance need to actively participate in promoting DMENS and support community development.

The ComingChat team will be responsible for developing and implementing all reasonable business requirements needed for NFT Pass voting decisions.

Cross-platform Integration and Openness

As an open protocol, DMENS allows any developer or project to build and expand their decentralized social applications based on it. This will encourage more innovation and diversity, making the decentralized social ecosystem based on DMENS more abundant and diverse.

DMENS protocol adopts a modular design, breaking down different functions and components into independent modules, providing SDKs and APIs for third-party developers to easily access. This open architecture helps build an ecosystem where various decentralized applications can co-develop and bring richer functions and services to users.

DMENS protocol is now available in PC, Android and IOS.

Development Team

The DMENS protocol is independently developed by the ComingChat team. ComingChat is an all-in-one social portal based on Sui Network, featuring encrypted chat, omnichain wallet, on-chain ChatGPT Bot, etc., aiming to become the lifestyle of the next 1 billion Web3 users.

ComingChat is also one of the first batch of Grantees from the Sui Foundation and the winner of the Sui Builder House demo-day in DID, governance & social.

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