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3 min readMar 20, 2023


I. Why did we access it?

Some people in the encryption circle believe that the emergence of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT has lowered the expectations of web3.

But we believe that artificial intelligence and web3 can complement each other and achieve each other. The relationship between the two is analogous to that between production and productivity, and there is no overlap. Like making cakes and dividing cakes, they’re not the same kind of demand and product.

ComingChat is the best example of an efficient combination. The decentralized account system enables users to own the means of production and give back the value. ChatGPT helps users improve productivity and speed up the production value.

Compared with the accounting system of web2, the CID (Decentralized Digital Identity) we developed is a complete account system of web3, which can solve the inherent defects of web2, such as opacity, unfairness, and centralized monopoly of interests. At the same time, CID is also a domain name NFT, which has transaction value and collection value.

ChatGPT, which we introduced, enables users to connect with the AI era with lower costs and richer entrances.

When visiting the web page, you need to buy a ChatGPT account and pay $20/ per month. However, when using ComingChat, you can share ChatGPT accounts, free to use (temporarily), and accounts with 6 digits & below will be free forever in the future.

Secondly, ChatGPT has restricted access in many areas, but ComingChat mobile terminal IM can solve the current situation and help more users enjoy the convenience brought by AI. At the same time, we also solved the tedious error-reporting of web page access, so that ChatGPT can better serve users in the form of the mobile terminal and improve users’ productivity.

II. What’s the access status?

At present, both Android and IOS versions are online, so you can download the new version and update it on the official website /Google Play/AppStore.

Official website:

In addition, ComingChat’s DMens (Web+Mobile) are all integrated with ChatGPT, and the mobile terminal has been integrated into ComingChat App, which is displayed in the form of products similar to WeChat Moments. Users can interact at @ ChatGPT during the post:

Moreover, we are currently integrating ChatGPT-4, hoping to bring more interesting experiences and expect users to use it.

III. Follow-up direction

ComingChat supports users to experience the ChatGPT function for free for one month (until April 15th). After the expiration, only users with a 6-digit CID and below can use it permanently.

If you want to get a qualified CID, you can check the link:

In the later stage, the team will launch the next version and will focus on creating the social integration function of web3 digital identity and ChatGPT-4. We hope to serve users with the best products and meet the opportunities of the new era together.

In the Windows desktop era, the Android mobile era has become history, and ChatGPT’s AI intelligent era has its own portal.

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ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.