Good News! Tiger NFT Final Rewards Distribution Announcement

Good news everyone!

The Tiger NFT Collection claiming period is coming to an end and it’s time for the final rewards distribution!

‘The Five Tigers’ event officially started on January 12, 2022 and will end on February 15, 2022.

The activity was a big hit and added a lot of new community members and ComingChat hit 3 Million new users in just one month.

During this period, we ushered in the launch of the SherpaX mainnet, the deployment of the cross-chain application of the Bitcoin network, the selection of outstanding ChainX nodes, the release of the Comfuture creator platform, and the implementation of the ComingChat Reputation Warrant System.

As February 15th draws closer, ComingChat brings more good news for its community!

All Tiger NFT Owners will receive an additional airdrop reward!

2022 ‘Year of the Tiger’ Final Rewards (The system will issue rewards according to the number of Tiger NFT holdings on the user’s CID address, holding types, etc.)

To avoid any confusion here are the five Tiger NFT types

· Tiger ChainX

· Tiger SherpaX

· Tiger Comfuture

· Tiger CID

· Tiger ComingChat

🧵 How to calculate on-chain data on my CID address

We will calculate the on-chain data of all Tiger NFT holders, and NFT owners who meet the relevant guidelines will receive additional rewards according to the following rules. Rewards would be based on the on-chain data of your CID address

We will count the valid NFT data on the chain in units of CID addresses. In short, it will be calculated based on the Tiger NFT type on your CID address, the number of Tiger NFTs.

Therefore, please make sure to hold all your Tiger NFTs under the same address.

Note: Tiger NFTs and Reminted Tiger NFTs listed in Comfuture will not be counted as on-chain data snapshots. Reward distribution will not be repeated.

Reward Distribution Time

Tiger NFT distribution ends on February the 15th, 2022 11:59 pm UTC and is your last chance to collect NFT to be eligible for the rewards.

We will take an on-chain data snapshot on February 17, 2022 00:00 am UTC. Please complete the collection of all Tiger NFTs under the same address before the snapshot deadline.

📅 Final Rewards distribution will begin on February 21, 2022

🤑 Total Rewards worth $100,000,000

We would release 80% of rewards (~$80,000,000) to our community members who collected less than the 5 Tiger NFT types and 20% (~$20,000,000) to those who collected all the 5 Tiger NFT types.

The specific calculation method is as follows (The image represents the rewards; though the specific calculation method is based mainly on the actual situation)

The final rewards will be settled according to the data on the chain. Users who collect a full set of Tiger NFTs will not be counted in the separate prize pool, but will share only the following rewards:

Redeem 8 CID Rules

The value of CIDs is based on the number of digits, watermarks, design, mining power and rarity of existence (for e.g. the ‘kusama edition’ NFT are just 100 sets in existence). Users often desire lesser digits CID numbers due to the increasing difficulty of obtaining it. The 6, 7 and 8 digits cannot be obtained by registration anymore.

For Tiger CID owner,you can redeem “Tiger CID” NFT for a 8-digit CID.

▪️ Please only send the Tiger CID for 8-digit redemption and NOT any other Tiger NFT
▪️ Tiger CID is the one shown in the image below with a white tiger and a pink/purple background

CID redemption designated address:


CID redemption designated date:

Staring from February 17, 2022 00:01 am UTC

Please note:

● The 8-digit CID for redemption will be transferred to sender’s address within 15 mins after successfully accepted.

● Never send the CID NFT you have used to login on the ComingChat App

About ComingChat

ComingChat’s mission is to build a metaverse for the entire ecosystem. With the economic structure of Bitcoin, it aims to reshape the digital economy system for billions of people around the world by building a simple, secure, and private global payment system and financial infrastructure. It further strengthens the interaction between the Internet and the real world by serving as a gateway for users to enter the Web3.0 world where a programmable identity system is established with CID as users’ digital identity, thus achieving unprecedented interoperability.

It will be a trustworthy, and user-centered metaverse platform that enhances user interaction services including:

  • Decentralized social system
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • GameFi
  • NFT ecosystem
  • DApp

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