Hero series NFT of Iron Man Mark ()

Friday, Nov 26th, 3:00 AM EST ‘The Iron Man Mark’ NFT Auction.

The auction would support payments in $PCX, Mini Points, $BTC, $XBTC, $TRX and $USDT.

C-Card is a digital identity NFT product located on ComingChat. The scarcity of C-card mainly comes from two aspects. C represents the ID and Card layout of digital identity, both of which can increase the speed of mining. Owning the Card page NFT will increase +0.006 $KSX/h. At the same time, CID NFT, as a component of the metaverse, will run through the entire metaverse’s economic system. There are different permissions in the meta world through the CID NFT digital identity to confirm the rights, and the digital identities of different scarce assets.

The NFT Marketplace “Comfuture” will be launched at Dec. 1st. The platform combines trading and creation of NFTs. ComingChat currently has more than 2 million users and is still growing while providing a user base for the future NFT market.

ComingChat will launch the Hero Man series NFT of Ironman mark. Everyone has a dream of being a hero. Iron Man is a hero who is an incarnation of rich wisdom, justice and bravery. He owns 50 sets of armors. We have already auctioned 21 pieces and this time we will continue the auction with 6 sets of Iron Man NFTs. They all appeared in Iron Man 3. When Tony ordered Jarvis to start the “family gathering” plan and each armor was activated to help Tony deal with Aldridge Killian.

• Some of our auction items will be auctioned in Dutch style. A Dutch auction refers to a market where prices generally start high and incrementally drop until a bidder accepts the going price. The highest starting price is 1000 Mini Points, the auction is counted down to 3 minutes, and the price is reduced by 10 Mini Points each time.

Mark 22: The name is “Hot rod”, and the color scheme is black, silver and Hot rod.

Mark 23: The name is “Shades”, and the color scheme is silver and military desert camouflage.

Mark 24: The name is “Tank”, and the color scheme is silver, brown and light gold.

Mark 25: The name is “Striker”, the color scheme is gray and yellow, and it is a heavy-duty construction armor.

Mark 26: Known as “Gamma”, the color scheme is green, black and silver.

Mark 27: Known as “Disco”, the color scheme is orange and blue.

When you have a C-Card NFT, in addition to obtaining a higher mining speed, there are additional benefits.

1- When join in the auctions again you would be eligible for a 2% discount

2- Enter ComingChat VIP community to get more project information

3- Have the opportunity to join in project management

4- You achieve first preference to display your NFT on the NFT Marketplace

About ComingChat

ComingChat’s mission is to build a metaverse for the entire ecosystem. With the economic structure of Bitcoin, it aims to reshape the digital economy system for billions of people around the world by building a simple, secure, and private global payment system and financial infrastructure. It further strengthens the interaction between the Internet and the real world by serving as a gateway for users to enter the Web3.0 world where a programmable identity system is established with CID as users’ digital identity, thus achieving unprecedented interoperability.

It will be a trustworthy, and user-centered metaverse platform that enhances user interaction services including:

  • Decentralized social system
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • GameFi
  • NFT ecosystem
  • DApp

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ComingChat is an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function