Hero series NFT of Iron Man Mark()

3 min readDec 1, 2021

Friday, DEC 3th, 3:00 AM EST ‘The Iron Man Mark NFT’ NFT Auction.

The auction would support payments in $PCX, Mini Points, $BTC, $X-BTC, $TRX and $USDT.

C-Card is a NFT product in ComingChat. It has both NFT attributes and digital identity features. The scarcity of C-card mainly comes from two aspects; the card design and the number of digits. C represents the ID and Card design of that digital identity. Both of them can increase the mining speed, and the NFT with a Card design will increase the speed by +0.006 $KSX/h.

At the same time, CID NFT, as a component of the metaverse, will run through the entire metaverse economic system. There are different permissions and honors in the meta world which will be verified through the CID NFT digital identity and the some of those digital identities will be scarce.

The NFT trading platform Comfuture has been launched on November the 29th. The platform combines trading and creation. ComingChat currently has nearly 3 million users.

Comfuture: https://comfuture.coming.chat/

If you want to create in Comfuture, you can enter the group chat: https://t.me/cidnft01.

If you want to buy NFT products, the official conversion ratio is 1 Mini point = 1$PCX, you can contact CID 7 to redeem, or you can join

PCX & Mini Trade: https://www.coming.chat/group/#EjcKINBzrtgHdLxMPtU50w3M6deJKU2mKnwIbGvSt0kvYm3TEhAoI-H5TBNudfuAR-QEMUFXGLsc

To get whitelisted and have a chance to be the first ones to list your NFT in advance, click on the following link and participate in the whitelist event https://twitter.com/ComingChatApp/status/1463689751849058306?s=20

ComingChat will launch the Hero Man series NFT of Ironman Marks. Everyone has a heroic dream in their heart. Iron Man is a hero who is an incarnation of gold, wisdom, justice and bravery. He owns 50 sets of armor. We have already auctioned 27 pieces and this time we will continue to auction 5 sets of Iron Man. They all appeared in Iron Man 3. When Tony ordered Jarvis to start the “Family Gathering” plan, each armor was activated to help Tony deal with Aldridge Killian.

Some of our auctions will adopt two methods:
Dutch auction and English auction.
The Dutch auction has a maximum starting price of 1,000 Mini Points and is a 3-minute countdown auction, and a price reduction of 10 Mini Points each time. The bid with the least price at the end of the 3 minutes is the winning bid.

Mark 28: Known as “Jack”, the color scheme is orange and black.

Mark 29: Known as “Fiddler”, the color scheme is black, silver and red.

Mark 30: Known as “Blue Steel”, the color scheme is blue and silver.

Mark 31: Known as “Piston”, the color scheme is teal green (turquoise), silver and gold.

Mark 32: Known as “Romeo”, the color scheme is black and silver.

When you have a C-Card NFT, in addition to obtaining a higher mining speed, there are additional benefits.

  1. When join in the auctions again you would be eligible for a 2% discount
  2. Enter ComingChat VIP community to get more project information
  3. Have the opportunity to join in project management
  4. You achieve first preference to display your NFT on the NFT platform




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