How DMens regards Damus?

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Since Twitter founder Jack Dorsey released decentralized social Damus based on Nostr protocol, it quickly ignited the fire of web3.0 socialization. Damus was on the top ten list of free social apps in the App Store in the United States less than two days after its launch. Its rapid outbreak also shows users’ desire for web3 socialization, and the traffic of decentralized social tracks ushered in a spurt of growth.

As competitors on the same track, we are happy to embrace the opportunities and challenges it brings. As early as October 2022, our team put forward the idea of decentralizing the social metauniverse -DMens. At present, the web page and mobile terminal have been launched. After its launch, DMens has been supported by the official media of Sui, which is called Sui’s on-chain Twitter.

Although Damus and DMens are both abbreviations of the name DMs, both are known as decentralized Twitter. However, if you have experienced Damus, you will find that there are still many differences compared with DMens.

1. User Demand Aspect:

Damus, in terms of user demand, is a web 2.5 product. It solved the problem of Twitter’s centralization but did not figure out the drawbacks of value information transmission and value storage on web2’s traditional social platform.

Twitter is more of a marketing platform than a content community. Most web3 projects are settled in order to gain large amounts of traffic and fans through expected reward activities such as airdrops and giveaways, while conversely, users are engaged in order to gain rewards by earning airdrops, and obtaining cryptocurrency information.

When social networking becomes marketing, the net worth content and conversion rate of fans of the project side gradually decline; Users no longer pay attention to the value and content of the project itself, and blindly follow and retweet only to get rewards.

Therefore, meaningless content, no-value fans derive 0-cost spam tweets, fake accounts, bot accounts… and other problems, which have led to the confusion of valuable information and spam information on the Internet, and the value conversion of high-value users and machine accounts.

DMens can solve the above value screening problem, do social value information on the chain, and truly web3 applications. DMens’ avatar/account system is an NFT that can self-authenticate on the chain, solving problems such as fake accounts and robot accounts; And tweets and likes need to spend gas to operate on the chain, and all interactions need costs, effectively solving the problem of web2 spam and popularity fraud.

2. Product Level:
The content positioning of Damus and Twitter is limited to the different competition between centralization and decentralization. Damus recently launched a small BTC random reward activity on its application, which really attracted a large number of users.

However, this is not a long-term and effective growth strategy. When the budget is exhausted, users lose the motivation to use it, which will inevitably lead to a large number of users losing. Then, it’s a little desperate to beat Twitter just by decentralizing the only core feature.

Nonetheless, the differentiated positioning between DMens and Twitter is that DMens only socializes with value content on the chain and is committed to creating a meta-universe of social value.

A.Social To Earn: Every time a user likes, comments, etc., it will consume a certain amount of gas, but at the same time, users will also gain Time tokens, which will be consumed with the passage of time, so users need to actively participate in the construction of the community.

On the basis of Time consumption, when the Time tokens accumulated have a surplus, they can be used for the token replacement to get the corresponding value on Dmens and pay back.

B. Value retention: On Dmens, the content published by users needs gas, which increases the cost of publishing spam in some accounts, so that the whole community can screen out high-net-worth users and real content. We hope to build an efficient community that is different from Twitter’s retention of value users.

3. Network level:
At present, Damus actually prefers the development route of the lightning network. Lightning network is famous for its technology as early as 1CO in Ethereum. At that time, there was no UniSwap, BSC, and the current Move ecosystem, which can be said to be very advanced technology. But even so, the lightning network’s sense of smell for the market is not as perfect as its technical architecture. For the market, the focus is on solving demand, not solving technology.

This is the limitation of Damus. Although the BTC community has a large user base, it is difficult for the lightning network to achieve a closed-loop business. When Nostr announced that it would not issue token, we were convinced that the Nostr protocol would never develop more efficiently and quickly than the lightning network.

Because the real demand of web3 is profit when a product is not related to the demand of interest, it is similar to a vehicle without a motor, extremely difficult to gallop.

The Sui public chain represents the most advanced Layer1 technology, which attracts active capital and traffic at the head of web3. Then DMens based on Sui can get most of the interactive capital and traffic just like Uniswap on the platform of Ethereum.

The high-quality features of the Sui chain can completely create a web3 on-chain Twitter with online value dissemination, which is the real online value Twitter in the web3 era.

At present, we are inviting high-quality projects based on Sui community to settle in Dmens. Born with the water, start with the water, the DMens DAU has been maintained at 1k+ without any incentive campaigns. We firmly believe that the value growth rate of Sui is much faster than that of Lightning Network, and with the main network online of Sui, DMens can unite the core Sui’s community to make a truly valuable world.

The ComingChat mobile terminal has integrated DMens, which can be downloaded and used on ComingChat's official website and AppStore. We are rapidly iterating over more features and updating our products every two weeks.

Welcome everyone to experience DMens and build the best web3 ecosystem together. Also, any guides and brilliant ideas are welcome.

Here, we look forward to working with the official team of Sui and the ecological team of Sui chain to create the most shining products in the web3 industry!

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