How does ComingChat build on Aptos?

2 min readSep 8, 2022

ComingChat is the leading wallet and social project on Aptos. Specifically, ComingChat is being built on Aptos in four main areas.

1, ComingChat is the first Aptos mobile wallet to go live. the ComingChat omnichain wallet has been integrated with the Aptos network. Users can now use ComingChat for operations such as viewing and transferring token APT. A later version of the Aptos wallet will add the token APT staking feature after the mainnet goes live and will allow users to import other tokens on aptos. Meanwhile, users can view their NFT assets on Aptos.

2, The Red Packet feature supports Aptos assets. As a key component of the ComingChat social module, the smart contract for the Red Packet feature has been deployed on the Aptos test network and will be deployed on the Aptos mainnet when it goes live. Users can send or receive APT Red Packets in a ComingChat group or private message chat box, and projects in the Aptos ecosystem can also create group chats in ComingChat and send Red Packets with the corresponding tokens for community operations and marketing purposes after issuing tokens.

3, The ComingChat NFT group purchase feature allows users to group purchase NFT on Aptos in a fragmented format. ComingChat is working with NFT platforms on Aptos and will first integrate with these NFT platforms when the NFT group purchase feature is developed to facilitate the liquidity of NFT on Aptos.

4, ComingChat decentralised digital identity CIDs will be deployed on the Aptos network. We plan to open all four-digit CID for registration on the Aptos mainnet in the form of the domain NFT at cid.aptos. At the same time, the four-digit CID will be available for login to ComingChat and as a login to other GameFi projects in the Aptos ecosystem.

About ComingChat

ComingChat, a Web3.0 super app that supports the omnichain ecosystem and combines encrypted communication, social, wallet, NFT, decentralized digital identity, omnichain swap, bitcoin lending, and Discover, etc.

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ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.