How to Avoid Scams on Comfuture

4 min readFeb 11, 2022

On February 10th, we released our NFT Marketplace Comfuture #3. We added the ‘Create NFT’ function in this version; however, our official team has received a bunch of complaints related to SCAMS and forgery.

We aim to build a creation platform for everyone who is passionate about art, hence we designed (CID Visible Mode), (Serial Visible Mode), and (Watermark Visible Mode) to enable unrestricted creative inspiration.

Some of our community members have resorted to forgery by making a tricky design and using this mode to scam people, which is unacceptable.

⚠️Scammers PRETEND to be from the ComingChat Official Team.

We have noticed that scammers often remint their NFTs to be some official NFT on behalf of the ComingChat Team. They might use a similar name, like the Year of the Tiger, Tiger Comfuture, Marker of influence in crypto, Elon Musk, or make up a name that sounds official. They might also use a similar description.

⚠️Some might hide the original CID and watermark and pretend to be Official NFT by uploading the screenshots of a FAKE NFT.

They use function (CID Visible Mode), (Serial Visible Mode), and (Watermark Visible Mode) to change the CID, Serial, and watermark that appears on a NFT. Hence the CID number, Serial number and watermark you see might not be real.

Please use the methods below to avoid being scammed by a FAKE NFT

· Check the original NFT details

· Only Believe MiniX Scan

· Check History of the CID

Three Methods to Recognize if It’s a Scam

1. Check the original NFT details

Example of one Scam

You need to double check the REAL CID number and Watermark in (Details).

Take the images above as an example; the watermark on the NFT is FAKE, because the watermark is not available in (Details).

2. Only Believe MiniX Scan

Please make sure to always believe the blockchain. You need to double check the NFT details in MiniX Scan.

Access MiniX Scan by Clicking [View MiniXScan]

Don’t be fooled by the NFT image, please double check the (Properties) on blockchain.

Proptertiew on MiniX Scan

1. Check (CID) if it is same as the CID shown on NFT.

2. Check (Serial Number) if it is the same as the Serial shown on NFT.

3. Check (Watermark) if the NFT is watermarked.

4. Check (Reminted By) if the NFT is reminted by someone.

Take the images above as an example,

The serial on the NFT is FAKE, because the Serial in (Proptertiew) is different from that one.

The watermark on the NFT is FAKE, because the watermark is N/A in (Proptertiew).

This NFT is reminted by someone as you can see through (Reminted By).

3. Check History of CID

you can go into the sale and check out the history of CID, so you can see the remint.

Reminted NFT History

Take the images above as an example,

you will see all reminted history by checking (Trading History).

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