How to Implement a Decentralized Twitter Using Dozens of Lines of Sui Version of the Move Language Code

By: ChainX, ComingChat & OmniBTC CEO, GG

Define tweet object, abstract tweet structure, and each tweet is displayed in the form of NFT. Any external app or web page can be included to tweet using this protocol. Tweets are the only NFTs on-chain.

Post a tweet: Initialize a tweeting object and mount it on the tweeting user storage.

Retweet: Just add a link to quote the tweet.

Delete tweet: Just implement an operation to delete the object of the tweet.

complete code:


The entire code is the use case code on Sui Move.
Of course, this is just a simple column, but the basic function has been completed. We are going to build a more complete WeChat Moments space, that is, Daomoment in ComingChat. It will be online in about 2 months and meet our users.



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