How to Protect Yourself from Scams

Scams have unfortunately made an impact on our community. It’s important to stay alert and protect yourself and your non-refundable crypto assets from scammers. There are several things you need to always keep in mind.

The most important thing is that only official employees hold 1 or 2-digit CID, and admins hold a 5-digit CID.

Short digit CID (less than 6-digits) cannot be obtained by being transferred, auctioned or registered. There is no way for scammers to get a CID number less than 6-digits. Hence, 6-digit CID holders are not from the official team.

If you ever feel you are being scammed, please check the user’s CID number first.

Essential rules:

  1. Never, ever share your seed phrase or account password.
  2. Do not blindly trust anyone online. It is trivial for them to lie and change their identities.
  3. If you are scammed, there is nothing that can be done to recover your funds. If a scammer gets a hold of your seed phrase, they can transfer all your funds to their account in seconds. Its better to be safe than to risk all of your tokens.
  4. Scams are absolutely rife in this space. It is easy and cheap to set up a scam, and hard to shut one down. Therefore, the onus is on the user to be as diligent as possible in avoiding them.

If you can, try to always verify new information that you see with an official source, such as our official Twitter @ComingChatApp, our official Telegram group, and our official members from the ComingChat team. Scammers will often use fake profile pictures or fake user names, or group names. They would even add our official members as admins in their group. But whatever they do, if you make it a point to check the CID number of those who contact you, it will highly reduce the chances of being scammed.

Important: With Mini Points and NFT being tradeable, its very important to know how to safely transfer them. Fake transactions of Mini Points and NFT may be presented to you as an attractive proof of transactions. The scammer trues to obtain your trust through such means and provokes you to transfer assets first. If you are making deals with other people, never send your assets directly. Always find our official escrow (CID: 7).

Some Common Types of Scams

  • Private messages are sent to you over Telegram, Twitter, and other social media by scammers who disguise themselves as admins or employees — The fact is that admins or employees will never contact you first.
  • “Giveaways” advertising that you “send us some cryptocurrency to participate in a contest”.
  • Scammers will take an official video, add “giveaway” text around it so that it looks like the giveaway is supported by ComingChat, ChainX, SherpaX, or another well-known entity.
  • Scammers will use profile images, Telegram handles, and ComingChat ID’s almost similar to Admins/Moderators. e.g.

a) @london and

b) @Iondon

may appear same to you but ID a) uses L in lowercase and b) uses the letter ‘i’ in uppercase, so it is essential to verify the ID

  • Scammers use official logos and images from the official channel to create fake groups or channels and scam users. Please be sure to visit and use Twitter, Telegram, Discord and email links( provided to verify Official groups.
  • People offering unexpected prices to buy your assets should be a big red flag. The offer is often followed by a conditional deal in which you are supposed to transfer your assets first. Never transfer assets for unrealistic offers and use the official ComingChat guarantor (CID 7) for transactions.
  • Emails asking for CID private keys/seeds/etc., posing as a member of any of our teams.
  • Many scammers will create nearly perfect imitations of sites.
  • People responding to questions that you asked publicly in a private chat.
  • Advertisements pointing to imitations of sites asking you to enter your seedphrase.

These are just some of the types of scams. Scammers are inventing new ones all the time. In general, do not trust anyone messaging you that you did not message yourself, and be wary of anyone attempting to help you or offer you a “deal”.

Scammers will often imitate usernames, profile pictures, etc. of well-known members of the community or official admins of ComingChat team. Often the differences in these accounts will be very minor and users mostly fail to identify them.

Scammers will often make it seem like the “deal” is only available for a limited time. Do not be tricked by this, it is always better to confirm than to risk losing everything.

Admins will never contact you directly

If you’ve received a message from an admin over Telegram or ComingChat, ignore it. Our team members will never personally message you. Our social media accounts are posted on our website and any new social media accounts will be announced by our team. We will never offer to buy your NFT and Mini Point at a surprising price, or message you privately to help with a problem you posted publicly. Our social media can be found below:

Keep your data secure

You should never share your seed phrase, password, private keys or any other personal data with anyone. If you are concerned a wallet could be fake, please check out our official list of employees and moderators(Below).

Some simple things that you can do to keep your assets and information secure from hackers:

  • Keep your seed phrase only on paper, in a secret and secure location.
  • DO NOT keep your seed phrase on any electronic medium, like the cloud, on your computer, on a USB drive, etc.
  • Never share your seed or mnemonic phrase with anyone including ComingChat team.
  • Your seed phrase is meant as a backup in case you lose access to your wallet and your CID count. Please keep in mind that there is no other way to restore your seed phrase.

Always check the source

For any potential scam, always be sure to do a background check on the source, i.e, look at any username, CID number, Telegram handle, URL, etc. If something seems fishy, that’s because it likely is. Never enter any personal data if you feel the source could be a scam. Feel free to contact via official email:

Check twice before sending NFT/ Mini Points/ $PCX

A good practice to take into consideration is to verify the address you are sending crypto to. If you don’t know that account, you probably shouldn’t be sending your assets there. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you understand where you are sending your funds. Crypto is a decentralized space and you need to take responsibility of making a mistake.

Follow our official socials get real-time information

Our official socials will always announce real-time information to prevent you from scam contests and trades. They will be helping to prevent you from visiting scam sites, trading with scammers and thus falling for them.

Our official list

You can use the following list of our official employees and admins to make sure that you’re contacting with an official member:

Of course, many scammers on Telegram and ComingChat would use similar names and profile images. If, however, someone contacts you with a Telegram handle and CID number that is not listed above, then its most likely a scam.

I Got Scammed — What Can I Do?

In the unfortunate case of having fallen for a scam, there is likely nothing anyone can do to help you restore your funds. ComingChat is a decentralized platform and we do not have governance functionality that could technically allow for account freezing/ blocking or refunds.



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