Last Chance To Receive NFT Benefits!Exclusive NFTs For ChainX Members!

The team has great news!ComingChat has now exceeded 60,000 users. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Tens of thousands of users actively participated in our AMA events and community-themed activities in ComingChat Beta.

After a lengthy optimization process, ComingChat V0.0.4 is officially launched as of July 8th! 🎉

To thank the members of the ChainX community for their strong support to the ComingChat project,

With this update, we deliberately sent community exclusive benefits to all community members.

Old and new users can receive exclusive 7-digit CID NFT rewards, and if you are the first 1000 to participate, you can choose the number of your new 7-digit CID NFT! 🚨

1. What Improvements Does ComingChat V0.0.4 Bring?

In V0.0.4, the ComingChat with the iterative concept of “optimizing user experience” reveals the full picture for the first time. The registration, login, group chat, and other mechanisms have been greatly adjusted. Among them, with the inspiration of solving user encrypted messaging, combined with user experience and suggestions, it will be the first time using human-machine identification technology to achieve not only showcase Coming from a technical standpoint, but also let users experience the underlying technology of the blockchain. It will definitely cause ComingChat users to Discuss extensively.

1. No more mobile verification ✅

ComingChat no longer needs to enter a personal phone number. Instead, it is replaced by a human-machine identification system: the system will require you to complete a simple test to prove that you are a human, rather than a computer trying to hack into a password-protected account.

2. Allowing the use of mnemonic phrase to login ✅

Based on the underlying blockchain technology, Keystore and mnemonics are particularly important. Based on the previous user experience, in ComingChat V0.0.4, you can now log in with both the keystore and mnemonic phrase.

2. Community Members Exclusive Benefits

  1. Register to get “7-digit CID NFT” 👈

As long as you are a ChainX member, you can get one custom 7-digit CID NFT by joining in ComingChat now.

2. The first 1000 get to choose a custom 7-digit NFT 👈

The first 1000 registered users can choose the number of your 7-digit NFT reward!💥🎉

*Click here to get your NFT rewards:

3. ComingChat Guidelines 📃

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2. Guidelines |

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ComingChat is a SocialFi-based Web3 portal application with DeFi and GameFi functions, developing Dmens, Signal chat, mini game platform on Sui.