MiniScan Updates

The MINI browser has completed an upgrade today. This article provides new features completed in this upgrade which resolves and fixes problems, including:

  • Reminted CID card description
  • NFT card surface details
  • Reminted NFT Details

Difference between CID and CID NFT

A blank CID in your NFT wallet which does not show anything and does not have any design is known as a CID.
A CID with a design (e.g Future of Coming, Tiger NFT, Bitcoin Hodler, Squid Game) is known as a CID NFT.

CID Example

For CIDs without NFT card, you can still query its basic information as described below on MiniScan.

  • CID number
  • Owner Address
  • etc.,

For the CID, since there is no NFT attribute, it does not have watermark and no serial number.

The CID interface you inquire will appear below:

📕You can only query the CID number and address, please ask other information, please default [N/A]


For the CID without NFT attributes, you can create your unique CID NFT through the Remint function on the Comfuture platform.

👉🏻How to REMINT:


For the CID that is given the NFT card, you can query its basic information on MiniScan.

  • CID number
  • Owner Address
  • etc.,

The CID is a programmable digital identity and removing the CID number and other elements can be done by programming and a tutorial explaining the process will be shared soon.

Therefore, the CID NFT illustration you inquire will be similar to the following figure:

Image A

Firstly, you can’t check the original data because this NFT is only CID before remint, there is no NFT property, so this card is originally only a CID number, no watermark and serial number.

Second, all the data in Reminted Data can be edited and added or deducted according to your personal preferences. Therefore, the data in the Reminted Data is only used as a data display and is not an authenticated CID NFT property.

The above picture is an example,

This card is only displayed by Reminted Data, so we can know that this NFT only has a CID attribute, that is, only the attribute of the CID number.

It can be seen that Watermark in Reminted Data is not a watermark of official certification. Its Serial Number is also not to be officially issued, and so on.

The creator adds and creates according to preferences for the purpose of re-creation.

In addition, it’s necessary to highlight that the CID number in Reminted Data can also be edited again. You can understand the Reminted Data as a business card that can be DIY, where you leave any information you want to pass and share.

So, how do I find the real CID number?

CID number on the right side of Image A above 8090868948 is the real CID number, this is never tampered.


We do not limit creative desires of users and that’s one of our primary foundation pillars at ComingChat

CIDs are programmable digital identities, and we will not limit them at the creative level and users can of course customize the watermark.

Since the attribute of the CID NFT affects the KSX mining power, we want to emphasize the following points:

  • The computing power of mining is based on the data of the initial mint of CID.
  • The watermark, sign number, and card image as a result of reminting will not affect the original mining computing power.

After the updation of MiniScan, we can view Reminted data on MiniScan.

CID NFT Example

For a CIDs original NFT card, you can check its basic information on MiniScan.

  • CID number
  • Owner Address
  • There is no watermark
  • Serial Number
  • etc.,

The CID NFT interface you inquire will appear below:

All data in Original Data is the NFT attribute when MINTED, which cannot be tampered.

You can understand the original data of this NFT through the data in Original Data.

Reminted CID NFT Example

CID NFT, of course, can be reminted on Comfuture and also be verified on MiniScan.

  • CID number
  • Owner Address
  • There is no watermark
  • Serial Number
  • etc.,

The Reminted CID NFT interface you inquire will appear below:


About ComingChat

ComingChat’s mission is to build a metaverse for the entire ecosystem. With the economic structure of Bitcoin, it aims to reshape the digital economy system for billions of people around the world by building a simple, secure, and private global payment system and financial infrastructure. It further strengthens the interaction between the Internet and the real world by serving as a gateway for users to enter the Web3.0 world where a programmable identity system is established with CID as users’ digital identity, thus achieving unprecedented interoperability.

It will be a trustworthy, and user-centered metaverse platform that enhances user interaction services including:

  • Decentralized social system
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • GameFi
  • NFT ecosystem
  • DApp

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