Mythology Series NFT of Dragon’s Nine Sons()

Nov 11th, Friday, 3:00 AM EST ‘The Dragon’s nine sons’ NFT Auction.

The auction would support payments in $PCX, Mini Points, $BTC, $X-BTC, $TRX and $USDT.

C-Card is a digital identity NFT product located on ComingChat. The scarcity of C-card mainly comes from two aspects. C represents the ID and Card layout of digital identity, both of which can increase the speed of mining. Owning the Card page NFT will increase +0.006 $KSX/h. At the same time, CID NFT, as a component of the metaverse, will run through the entire metaverse’s economic system. There are different permissions in the meta world through the CID NFT digital identity to confirm the rights, and the digital identities of different scarce assets.

The NFT market “Comfuture” will be launched at the end of November. The platform combines trading and creation of NFTs. ComingChat currently has more than 2 million users and is still growing while providing a user base for the future NFT market.

ComingChat will launch the ‘Dragon’s nine sons’ of the mythology series NFT, with a total of 10 NFTs. Last week, the price of a single auction exceeded US$6,000. Only the last 5 remain of the series in this auction. Among them, the one in the auction named Dragon Dad can have a customized 9-digit CID number and watermark.

The dragon is the “totem” of China. A well-known work of the end of the sixteenth century, the Wuzazu, informs us about the nine different young of the dragon, whose shapes are used as ornaments according to their nature. Here’s a comparison of the brothers with different qualities and hobbies.

  • The bì xì , also known as bà xià (Hybrid of turtle and dragon) a creature with a large shell able to carry heavy objects, and are normally found on under grave-monuments.
  • The bì àn , (Hybrid of tiger and dragon) a creature that likes litigation, are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).
  • The fù xì, (Hybrid of reptilia animal and dragon) a creature that likes to drink water, and is typically used on bridge structures.
  • The chī wěn , (Hybrid of fish and dragon) a creature that likes swallowing, are placed on both ends of the ridgepoles of roofs (to swallow all evil influences).
  • Dragon Dad, the legend is mostly known for its ability to appear and hide, to change its size to small or big. The vernal equinox reaches the sky, and the autumn equinox submerges in the abyss, calling the wind and calling the rain.

When you have a C-Card NFT, in addition to obtaining a higher mining speed, there are additional benefits.

  1. When join in the auctions again you would be eligible for a 2% discount
  2. Enter ComingChat VIP community to get more project information
  3. Have the opportunity to join in project management
  4. You achieve first preference to display your NFT on the NFT platform



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