One Hundred Lines of Sui Move Code to Realize Privacy Currency

By ChainX,ComingChat & OmniBTC CEO, GG

Introduce the bulletproofs encryption system library implemented on Sui, verify_full_range_proof is a verification function of encrypted amount.

The amount of tokens is stored in plaintext or secret text.

Verify the user’s own private currency balance and display it.

The private amount is added, for example: A transfers money to B, and B’s balance is equal to its own amount plus the amount transferred by A.

The private amount is subtracted, for example: A transfers money to B, and A’s balance is equal to its own balance minus the amount to be transferred.

Complete Code:


The biggest feature of Sui Move is Object, which is an abstraction of the BTC UTXO model. This code is the listing code given by Sui Move, which realizes the privacy currency of addition and subtraction. Our plans to introduce BTC, USDT and other assets through other bridges, and then package these commonly used assets into privacy currency, which can realize privacy payment. Even our products can transform related contracts, so that government departments can supervise privacy currencies, which can be seen in plain text. Ordinary on-chain amounts are also private.

In a word, Sui’s engineering ability is the strongest team I have ever seen, the development is very fast, and the underlying supported cryptographic algorithms and technologies are quite rich. I believe that soon Sui will bring too many innovative products to Web3.



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