Only 100 sets of Limited Edition Kusama CID NFT

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Why does the Kusama limited edition CID NFT exist?

On June 23, Alipay launched the NFT skin with an issue price of 9.9 RMB+ 10 points, and it changed hands to nearly 20,000 RMB.

On June 24, Binance held a “Genesis” special auction, and “Three Self-Portraits” NFT finally sold for US$2.8 million.

When the entire currency market was silent, the NFT market sales exceeded US$2 billion in just one quarter. The NFT market has given us one surprise after another.

Coming is a service platform that combines encrypted private communication, encrypted payment, and a Dapps platform. The CID NFT that exists on Coming are unique, scarce, and have a high collection value. For details, please refer to the attachment.

Kusama, the so-called “Testnet” of Polkadot, has started it’s first slot auction and with it, hailed a new era of development and growth for Polkadot’s ecology. The attention it’s receiving is no less than the launch of Polkadot’s mainnet last year. A successful slot auction marks a huge milestone for the future of Polkadot and its parachains.

To celebrate this monumental event, the Coming project and Kusama jointly launched a commemorative limited edition Kusama CID NFT.

What series does Kusama Limited Edition CID NFT include?

The Kusama limited edition CID NFT is made up of the scarce 6-digit CID NFT provided by the Coming project team, combined with Kusama’s development history and design concepts. Each set contains 4 NFT with the serial number being: 2021–1–7, 2021- 1–8, 2021–1–9 and 2021–1–10.

2021–1–7 combined all the information contained within block #7924237 block on the Kusama blockchain shaped into the Kusama canary logo. This block is the block where Kusama opened the first slot auction.

2021–1–8 adopts the schematic diagram of Polkadot’s multi-chain collaboration, which shows the principle of Polkadot’s ecological operation. The generation time of block #7924237 is printed around its edge.

2021–1–9 has a drop of water wrapped around the Kusama canary logo. We feel that the concept of Polkadot and the characteristics of water are quite similar. They are both building blocks of a world. Ours started with a drop of water to build a multi-chain future.

2021–1–10 dons an engraved medal with the canary and Kusama’s written logo. Its formation marks the indivisible characteristics of NFT and is a medal of honour belonging to every NFT. The unique CID NFT not only has rare limited attributes but also symbolizes the honour of you being a part of history!

We will use these as a form to always remember the great moments of Polkadot’s history.

What is the value of the set of Kusama Limited CID NFT Commemorative Edition?

There will only be 100 sets ever and they will be released in July.

  • The price of a single 6-digit CID NFT has been set at 50 PCX, with the value of a super limited set of commemorative editions likely being much more.
  • The first slot of Kusama is of historical significance to the Polkadot ecology. Coupled with the uniqueness of CID, the collection value of the complete set is higher.
  • Coming has millions of potential users, laying a foundation for high liquidity for CID NFT market transactions.

How to get the Kusama limited CID NFT commemorative edition?

Users can participate in activities, auctions, special contributions and other channels to obtain these limited NFTs. The current events planned are:

  • July 1st to July 15th Kusama Commemorative Limited Edition NFT Collection Event:
  • August 5th Kusama Commemorative Limited Edition NFT auction event, specific details will be released closer to the event.



ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.

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ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.