Red Packet Tutorial

4 min readAug 5, 2022

The Red Packet feature is now officially online!

Next is a tutorial on how to use the Red Packet feature:

How to send red packets:

Click [+] on the left side of the chat box

Click [Red Packet]

Select the token network and token you want to send

Click to select the type of red packet

The types of red packets are divided into Random amounts and identical amounts, which means whether the amount of red packets is equally distributed or not.

Fill in the number of red packets you want to send and the total amount of red packets, and fill in the [lucky time] with what you want to say to the recipient.

Click [Confirm], enter the password, and the red package is sent.

How to check the red packet collection:

Once your red packet has been claimed, there will be a message alert, click on the grey text and you can view the details of your red packet collection.

How to claim the red packet:

Click on the red packet you want to claim

Click [Open]

You can also click to claim your own sent red package

It will show you the tokens and the amount you received

How to check the arrival of red packets

When you finish claiming the red packet, return to the chat page, there will be a red packet collection message, click on the grey text.

Instantly show the transaction information

Note: The way the token is distributed is;

If the number of red packets is 1–50, when all red packets are claimed, the token will be sent to the receiving addresses.

If the number of red packets is 51–100, the token will be sent to the receiving addresses after every 50 red packets are claimed.

If the number of red packets is 101–1000, the token will be sent to the receiving addresses after every 100 red packets are claimed.

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