Self-narration of the road to Web3 products

3 min readDec 12, 2022

I. Why we creat ChainX?

In 2017, I attended a Cosmos meetup in Shanghai and won a prize of 2 BTC in the Global Hackathon of Cosmos. And that’s where it all began.

The founder of Cosmos said he wanted to create “cross-chain application”, but there was no technical solution for this, which blocked his way. I understood that this was the moment I had been waiting for. So, I set about preparing for a BTC cross-chain solution, giving birth to ChainX.

But why do we choose Substrate instead of Cosmos-sdk to develop ChainX?

At the time of participating in the Cosmos competition, my wife wrote a C language version of Cosmos-ABCI within one week but comparing Cosmos to the Polkadot written in Rust, we found Polkadot to be less technically difficult.

Without doubt, I gave up Cosmos-sdk and chose the Polkadot framework to develop ChainX as a technology enthusiast.

Looking back I realize that it was a wrong choice: Product ought to be guided by demands instead of technology.

Nonetheless, ChainX is still the earliest public chain product using the Substrate framework. To give some perspective on how early our products were released consider the following.

We launched our main net 2 years earlier than Polkadot.

We used the Substrate framework 1 year earlier than Kusama public chain.

We started cultivating products before Polkadot split out the Substrate framework.

We were consistently ahead of time. Contemplating about upcoming needs and technical perception is nuclear strength of our team.

II. Why we create ComingChat?

Since the launch of ChainX, we’ve solved everything such as the L2 scalability, technology solution, framework structure but user adoption lingered.

So, here we intended to produce a web3 entrance application and this is where ComingChat comes into play.

ComingChat has quickly reached more than 8 million chat users and 4 million on-chain users after launching. The highest DAU has exceeded 300,000, and even in the bear market after FTX’s explosion, there’s approximative 20,000 daily users still.

Why are we so popular?

1.ComingChat is a digital identity platform that uses CID without any need for web2 login credentials such as phone number/email as its account system, which can protect your privacy and will never stage a tragedy like WhatsAPP.

2.CID currently supports three chains: Mini Alliance Points Chain, EVM Chain on ChainX, and Aptos, while planning to support the Sui in the near future.

3.We also support multi-chain wallets, such as BTC, ETH, ARB, OP, BSC, polygon, dogecoin, polkadot, ChainX, Aptos, and Sui etc.

4.Developing on Signal privacy communication protocol, which allow your communications to be completely decentralized and private.

5. We integrated OmniBTC in as a native product in our mobile app so you can swap between any chains in our app.

6. We also bring a web3 app Discovery function that allows users to search and navigate.

But more than that! Now we’re exploiting a new function named Dmens like “chain-based Twitter” or a WeChat-like function based on the Sui.

Due to Dmens still being in test phase, we welcome every volunteer to experience it and earn your airdrops.

If above is something that interests, you. Below is the first step to participate:

Join our ComingChat group and those who raise constructive advice and show enthusiasm for the Dmens will be selected in airdrop WL and even have the decision-making power to formulate the tokenomics!


Let’s cultivate it and gain your rewards!

III. Why we create OmniBTC?

ChainX solves the technology solutions, ComingChat solves the users. But neither of them solves the problem of business model, or closed-loop business.

At this time, we ideate OmniBTC as a solution to this dilemma, aiming at creating superior experience and threshold for users than other DEXs.

Fortunately, we’ve made considerable accomplishment: The total swap reach 1440 over 24 hours!

We are obliged to your trust and enthusiasm; our striving will never end till we as a whole community start to strive.

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ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.