Step by Step Tutorial on How to Claim KSX(SherpaX) Mainnet Token on SherpaX Dapp Wallet(PC)

Dear ComingChat Miners,

We are here to announce the launch of mined KSX claiming being set on SherpaX Dapp Wallet.

Following is a step by step tutorial on how to claim your mined KSX via SherpaX Dapp Wallet.

Step 1

  • Log in to SherpaX Dapp Wallet website(PC) using mnemonic or Keystore of your CID address.
    Mined KSX is linked to your CID address.

Step 2

  • After you log in to the SherpaX Dapp Wallet webpage, move your mouse to the [?] icon on the right of (Vested).
    You would be able to view unlocked KSX from different round of mining.
  • You can only claim KSX which are (Availble to be unlocked) and those will be used for the following claiming steps.
  • Then click [Claim].

Step 3

  • Every claim transaction will charge around 0.131 KSX as gas fee, which will be taken from your (transferable) balance.
  • Then click [Sign and submit].

Step 4

  • Sign on Polkadot.js extension.
  • Your unlocked KSX will be shown on your (transferable) balance.

Thank you very much for following the tutorial. We hope you enjoy mining on ComingChat.


  1. Claiming KSX comes with few KSX as gas fee. If your unlocked KSX is less then 0.0131 KSX, you will NOT be able to see any change of your tranferable account balance. Before trading, please have a full understanding that all the transactions and sign on blockchain cost.

April 22, 2020



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