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We’re honored to be invited to the Sui World AMA and here’s a section interview about ComingChat. And if you’re interested in the whole AMA, you can check this to find out more.

J: All right, can you guys hear me?

Awesome, so… wow, many old friends here!

Hello everybody. I am JJuunee, the CMO at ComingChat. I’m honored to be invited to attend the Space, and thank Sui world, our organizer, for the wonderful chance to expose these excellent and enthusiastic friends here.

Well, what we are going to talk about today is our team and ComingChat. We have been in crypto for more than 5 years. In the beginning, we were developing the side chain of EOS, then we were focused on cross-chain, and being the core coding contributors in Polkadot, the relationship was a tiny bit similar to ComingChat and Sui.

And we have created the first relay chain based on substrate, yes, relay chain but not parachain.

ChainX, which is the Layer2 of Bitcoin and has more than 20,000 Bitcoin in it. However, on account of the policy in China, we have closed the business and returned BTC back.

Then we created ComingChat.

Well, we have created and maintained ComingChat for about 2 years, and have spent millions of dollars on it. Now there are more than 4 million users in ComingChat. Even in such a market, there are about 10,000 daily active users in ComingChat. Most of our users are distributed in Southeast Asia and European countries. Also, a few are distributed in the US and Canada.

H: So What is ComingChat and Why ComingChat?

Umm, if you have had access to our website, you will see that ComingChat is a socialFi-based web3 portal application with Defi and GameFi functions. But it’s a little bit mouthful, right? Briefly speaking, to some degree, ComingChat is the combination and upgrade of Whatsapp, Twitter, and steam, but wholly decentralized and crypto-native.

So it is obvious that peer-to-peer encrypted communication, cryptocurrency payment, decentralized content sharing, and blockchain Game Studio are basic features in ComingChat.

H: Why do you create ComingChat?

Actually, what we are continually focusing on is the connection between people, even ChainX is also trying the connection between chains and on-chain users.

From our perspective, as a kind of social animal, most of the connections and interactions between people are about Money and Being recognized.
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the former is more about Physiological needs; the latter is more about Love and belonging needs.

That’s why we created ComingChat and OmniBTC, and I think that’s why we got the grant from Sui foundation.

Okay, what we are going to talk about more is the wonderful features that meet the needs we mentioned earlier.

To meet the needs of Money, ComingChat has an omnichain wallet that supports 12 chains and hundreds of tokens. Besides, ComingChat also has OmniSwap for users to swap tokens. We have integrated with OmniBTC and connected with all the DEXs and cross-chain protocols so that users can easily swap any assets between any chains with one click. So, don’t just regard ComingChat as a wallet, we’re more aggressive.

Okay, To meet the love and belonging needs, we support encrypted chat by using signal communication protocol, red packet, Gamefi studio, and Dmens.

All of these features are focusing on communication and self-satisfaction.

Dmens is a wholly decentralized web3 Twitter which will have its own Tokenomics on Sui, you can create/like/share/reply to any content you like, now it can be experienced in Sui Developer network. Besides, we have deployed ChatGPT in Dmens, imaging that not only can you interact with your friends but also AI, isn’t it cool?

To get more info and experience our project, you can visit our twitter profile, all the links and updates are contained in it.And, if you have any questions, pls feel free to ask us.

Thank you.

H: We know that ComingChat has used Signal protocol, that’s cool, but telegram has also had encrypted chat, why will users use ComingChat?

Well, firstly, there won’t be just one unique software in this area. Second, encrypted chat is also the basic feature in ComingChat, and this feature will be better and better, even better than Telegram. I think at that time, users will not be confused about which product to select just by the experience of encrypted chat.

Then, we need to know why users would like to use your product. What can you do for users? Besides encrypted chat, ComingChat can also give users more rewards/discounts/Oat/NFT/WL, that’s what telegram can’t give you.
Therefore, we all have almost the same experience in encrypted chat, but we have more possibilities to provide users with more benefits, why won’t they select ComingChat?

H: That’s all, thank you.




ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.