Thank You, and We are Creating Another World Together!

The year 2021, 👋🏻
We spent endless time jumping into rabbit holes, surfing the internet and absorbing knowledge of blockchain. We got caught in a stream of Web3.0, Metaverse, GameFi, SocialFi, meme coins and a whole lot more.
This year has been dynamic in many aspects and we are entering an exciting golden year of change. 🚀
Changes to human-computer interaction, digital migration of labor and decentralized assets brings new ideas of Digital Economy Systems and Decentralized Identity Systems to the existing landscape.

Organizations, founders, creators, developers, or, should I say, everyone needs dedicated tools to give them a position in the metaverse.
That’s why we built ComingChat: a user-base integration of Social Privacy, Digital Wallets, Digital Identity, NFT Creation Platform, and DApps Middleware for the metaverse.

This year, we released ComingChat together!
This year, we built ComingChat together!
This year, we launched Comfuture together!
This year, we created Comfuture together!


At the end of this auspicious year 2021, we invite our beloved community members to retrospect together.
Let’s examine our improvements this year:
1️⃣ We created a Decentralized Identity — a unique readable history for everyone known as CID, which is supported by valid evidence: a permanent time-stamped record of a person’s achievements, contributions, interests, and activities to date.
2️⃣ We released NFT and combined the NFT with CID. Simultaneously, we implemented a play-to-earn model in which users could mine $KSX and will continue to mine $KSX based on how many and what type of NFTs they own.
3️⃣ Coming Wallet realize the aggregated wallet function compatible with Bitcoin and the Ethereum ecosystem.
4️⃣ We launched the first application- Threshold Signature Wallet upgrade on the market which was based on the Taproot Upgrade. The entire experience brings users closer to the Taproot Upgrade subsequently empowering users with the BTC network, and solves the problem of malicious events and scams. No other ecosystem has the breadth and scale that ComingChat has presently. It meets the needs of a various mix of people whether they’re creators, developers, or businesses of any sort.
5️⃣ We built our own NFT Marketplace ‘Comfuture’ enabling users to purchase NFT artworks, collectibles, and other digital items. The launch of Comfuture marks an important milestone in our strategic expansion of the Metaverse, including the recent 4 million downloads of ComingChat.

Thank you for your support! We are creating another world together: a world that is limitless!

About ComingChat

ComingChat’s mission is to build a metaverse for the entire ecosystem. With the economic structure of Bitcoin, it aims to reshape the digital economy system for billions of people around the world by building a simple, secure, and private global payment system and financial infrastructure. It further strengthens the interaction between the Internet and the real world by serving as a gateway for users to enter the Web3.0 world where a programmable identity system is established with CID as users’ digital identity, thus achieving unprecedented interoperability.

It will be a trustworthy, and user-centered metaverse platform that enhances user interaction services including:

  • Decentralized social system
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • GameFi
  • NFT ecosystem
  • DApp

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