The Current State of The NFT Market and Coming’s Place In It

3 min readJul 12, 2021

What is the current situation of the NFT market? 🆙

The story of buying two pizzas for 10,000 BTC has been the most talked about transaction in blockchain history. Along with the most expensive pizza in history, many wealth myths have been created by DeFi and BTC enthusiasts alike.

Market Characteristics of NFTs 🧠

  1. The cornerstone of the digital economy

With the global development of the digital economy, as the ferry from assets to values, NFTs reconstruct the relationship between virtual and reality, realizes the generalization of value assets, and forms a brand-new unique value production mode.

2. Market Scale

In the downturn of the homogenous digital cash market, the sales volume of the NFT market only exceeded 2.5 billion USD in the first half of the year, with a year-to-year growth of more than 180 times that, highlighting that the NFT market has only begun to form a scale.

3. Direction Diversification

The NFT market gradually expanded from the initial games, copyrights and artworks to the decentralized digital identity, meta universe, and other aspects,

Various signs show that NFTs will be the future hot investment.

CID NFT Value Direction? 💹

Although the NFT market is very hot, it still belongs to the niche track. At present, it will still face the situation of small market and few users, but the CID NFT solves this problem perfectly through ComingChat.

Market Characteristics of CID NFTs

  1. Multi-level value

The preciousness of the CID is formed by factors such as watermark, number, card surface design and limited edition, which also leads to CID-NFT multi-order market price.

2. Decentralized digital identity

The interface of virtual reality will enter the meta-universe with CID NFT unique digital identities in the future, and will have another experience under encrypted privacy.

3. High market liquidity

ComingChat is positioned as a global encrypted communication with 6 billion potential users, providing great potential for the development of the CID NFT market. It has only been 20 days now with over 60,000 registrations.

CID NFT Auction Invitation ⚖

From July 16-August 20 The ComingChat project team will hold three CID NFT auctions.

The lot contains 6 limited KusamaCID!

The first auction carnival 🎉

8-digit CID NFT Auction Session on July 16. Whether you want to “shoot” or “sell” or wait and see, as long as you come in with expectations for your CID NFT and are registered on ComingChat you can participate and witness this auction!

How to participate:

  1. Register for ComingChat — Download link: 👈
  2. Join the Telegram Auction Group:

How to obtain an 8-digit CID:

Register each invitation. You can obtain one CID per new account registered.

Reward collection link:👈

How to obtain a 7-digit CID:

Join the ComingChat communities and get a 7-digit CID!

  1. Take a screenshot of you following Twitter @comingchat
  2. Screenshot of retweeting
  3. Screenshot of joining Telegram Auction Group:
  4. Get one free 7-digit CID

Reward collection link:

How to obtain a 6-digit CID

Register 100 people and you can obtain one new 6-digit CID! Get each member you invited to fill out the reward form.

Reward collection link:

For more information contact Telegram: @mgegeda, @CryptoCrabLegs


  1. The authenticity and accuracy of the account are mandatory
  2. New accounts must be registered after July 10th
  3. If there are any conflicts, the project party has the right to cancel all rewards you receive for this activity.

Contact Us:


Telegram:@Exxibition, @CryptoCrabLegs




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