The fifteenth GitHub code was merged into the MystenLab awesome-move code repository! Introduction of OmniSwap-Sui-SDK

2 min readNov 14, 2022

Recently, the fifteenth code PR submitted by the ComingChat team has been merged into the MystenLab awesome-move code repository!

The following is a brief introduction about OmniSwap-Sui-SDK:

OmniSwap-Sui-SDK refers to the SDK corresponding to the AMM Swap function of OmniBTC on Sui. By using the SDK to interact with the Sui AMM Swap contract, the swap function is realized.

Currently, OmniBTC has implemented this function on the Sui testnet. After binding the Sui wallet, users can exchange between SUI and the stable currency suiUSDT on Sui. Later, the swap function of more currencies on Sui will be supported.


About ComingChat

ComingChat is a SocialFi-based Web3 portal application with #DeFi and #GameFi functions.

In ComingChat, SocialFi means the collection of the following three:
1. Decentralized Account System (CID)
2. Payment tool (omnichain wallet)
3. Social system (Chat+DAO Moments)
The above solves the three problems of “people”, “money”, and “connection”respectively, and provides the basis for DeFi and GameFi.

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ComingChat is a lifestyle tool in the age of #web3 and #AI. It bridges #Web3( @SuiNetwork ) and ChatGPT( @OpenAI ), allowing users to leverage their advantages.