The Fourteenth GitHub Code Was Merged into the MystenLab awesome-move Code Repository! Introduction of Sui-red-packet

Following AptosOmniSwap, the code PR related to the red packet function on Sui submitted by the ComingChat team has also been reviewed and officially merged by MystenLab awesome-move. This is the fourteenth code that has been included so far.

The following is a brief introduction about Sui red-packet.

Sui Red Packet refers to a ComingChat social game application deployed on the Sui network. Written in the Move language, the app combines ComingChat’s private chat and the omnichain wallet.

Simply put, users can send Sui token red packets in the chat interface (private chat and group chat), and the other party in the private chat or any member in the group chat can claim the red packet with one click and get a certain amount of Sui tokens. The red packet collection rules are first-come, first-served, while stocks last, and the party receiving the red packet does not need to pay the gas fee.

Similar to Aptos red packets, there are two types of Sui red packets: one is a fixed amount red packet (ie “ordinary red packet”), and the other is a random amount red packet (ie “fighting luck red packet”). The former focuses on the fairness of issuing red packets, which is convenient for statistics and operations; the latter increases the excitement and entertainment of participating in red packets because of the random amount. For event planners, in different demand scenarios, choosing the type of red envelopes reasonably will often have unexpected market effects.

In addition, ComingChat is developing Mini Game Studio on Sui, which is a on-chain game platform with mini programs as the carrier. As an on-chain mini-game with social attributes, Sui Red Packet can be said to be the first MVP (minimum product realization) on ComingChat mini-game Studio.

About ComingChat

ComingChat is a SocialFi-based Web3 portal application with #DeFi and #GameFi functions.

In ComingChat, SocialFi means the collection of the following three:
1. Decentralized Account System (CID)
2. Payment tool (omnichain wallet)
3. Social system (Chat+DAO Moments)
The above solves the three problems of “people”, “money”, and “connection”respectively, and provides the basis for DeFi and GameFi.

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ComingChat is a SocialFi-based Web3 portal application with DeFi and GameFi functions, developing Dmens, Signal chat, mini game platform on Sui.