The Hero NFT Series is Updated!

CID NFT is a serial number, limited sale set, which can be mined, traded, and collectible.

Friday, Sept 10 7:30 am EST
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Hero NFT Story Introduce

Monkey King: Monkey King went to Studying

In order to find a way to live forever, Wukong went to Fangcun Mountain in Lingtai, Xiniu Hezhou, worshipped the ancestor of Bodhi in Xianyue Sanxingdong Cave, got the name Monkey King, and learned the way of longevity, seventy-two transformations and somersaults. It took 20 years. . Later, for showing off his skills, he was expelled from the school by Bodhi Patriarch. After he returned to the mountain by self-study, he defeated the Hunshi Demon King and got a big sword. Then he came to the country to distribute a large number of weapons with mana, but none of the weapons went well. Go to the Dragon Palace.

Amir Khan of Bollywood: “Once Upon A Time in India”

Known as the conscience of India, Amir Khan starred in “Once Upon a Time in India” in 2001. It was the first film nominated for Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in Indian history and won him the National Film Awards for Best Pop Film and Best Actor prize.

The film tells the story of Indian villagers who won a cricket match with the British army under the leadership of young Lavan, forcing the British to cancel unreasonable tax policies and withdraw from the village. It is full of Indian style and at the same time demonstrates the unity of nationalism.

Naruto Uzumaki Naruto: Three Ninja Battle

Wanting to become a true Hokage is an extremely difficult road. The appearance of glory is always accompanied by sacrifices. The environment in which Naruto grew up has created his counter-judgmental character, but at the same time it has shaped his firm belief and always believes in light and Justice, Naruto was able to protect his opponents through the Three Ninja battles, and he became the foundation for later ninjas.

Marvel’s Iron Man: The Avengers

Tony Stark became a superhero wearing a steel suit. The reason why he can be called a superhero is not only because he wears a suit, but also because he has a heart of steel. He is afraid but uncompromising. When it was dangerous again and again, he was always the first to stand up. And his battle clothes are constantly upgrading.

Mark4 is the fourth suit created by Tony Stark, and the color is still the classic red and yellow. The chest, shoulders and abdomen of the armor have all adopted new designs, and the overall line of the

Mark4 is relatively tough. Mark 4 was built after Tony Stark revealed that he was Iron Man to replace Mark 3 which had been severely damaged.

Mark5 is the fifth set of Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark. The color is red and silver. It is the portable armor created to deal with emergencies after Tony’s Iron Man identity was exposed. It can be assembled anywhere and can be folded into a suitcase when not needed.

Mark6 is a multi-purpose armor, the color is red, gold and a small amount of silver. It was the first armor equipped with a triangular arc pulse gun on the chest. The biggest difference between the Mark6 and the previous armor is the use of a vibranium (Vibranium) arc reactor, which can provide more energy and can perform underwater operations.

Mark7’s laser guided tracking rapid deployment system is a technological breakthrough, and it is also the most basic deployment method for later versions of Iron Man armor. Mark7 is different from the previous battle armor, it is a heavy armor specially designed for combat.

The Classic of Cryptography: Bacon’s Code

The Bacon password in classical cryptography is a steganographic replacement password designed by Francis Bacon in 1605. When encrypting, each letter in the plaintext will be converted into a set of 5 English letters, which can be uppercase and lowercase letters, bold and thin, italic, binary, etc. According to legend, the Bacon code was used in Shakespeare’s masterpieces.

CID NFT Stay tuned!



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