The Heroes NFT Series is Coming

The Hero NFT series is updated!

Each set of CID NFT is a serial number, ‘limited sale set’ which can be mined, traded, and is a collectible.

Time: Friday, Sept 17th, at 7:30 am EST

you can purchase your favorite Hero NFT in the ComingChat group Click the link to join the group:

Monkey King: Treasure Hunt in the Dragon Palace

In search of a suitable weapon, Wukong made a riot in the east China sea dragon palace, and finally found the wishful golden cudgel. The other three sea dragon kings presented them with a purple golden crown of phoenix wings, golden chain mail armor, and lotus root silk footsteps as a drape. With a grudge in his heart, the dragon king reported to the heavenly court, demanding that Monkey King be arrested. Monkey King was prospering and making friends at this time, befriending the Bull Demon King, the Flood Demon King, the Peng Demon King, the Lion Camel King, the Macaque King, and the Tamarin King and they together became the seven brothers.

Amir Khan “3 Idiots”

In 2009, Amir played the role of Rancho, the child of a late gardener from a wealthy Indian family in the inspirational comedy movie “3 idiots”, refreshing the box office of Bollywood movies in India.

Questioning the principal’s teaching methods and the wedding gap caused by the wealth gap, the film mainly talks about the collision of old and new system ideas. I agree with Rancho’s words that when you do well the things you love, the results will naturally be good.

Marvel’s Iron Man Suit

Since Tony Stark started to study the battle armor, every time he went out on the field, it always gave him some new ideas about transforming and upgrading the battle armor. As an inventor, this time he brought it to everyone.

Three sets of armor, including:


Mark8 still retains the famous red and gold tones. It has a slightly different appearance from Mark7 and has a unique and smooth mask design. At the same time, compared to Mark7, it is more powerful, flexible and has stronger operational defense capabilities.


Mark 9 is similar in appearance to Mark 8 in defensive capabilities, and is more refined and powerful than the previous one. In addition, it carries a small number of powerful missiles and is a heavy armor designed specifically for combat.


Mark10 also retains the most classic gold and red color scheme. Both sides of the abdomen area are equipped with powerful anti-gravity devices to increase flight speed and increase strength. It also redesigned the armored foot thruster to make it more advanced and more powerful, helping the armor to further improve flight stability and flight speed. The flight speed of Mark 10 was three times faster than the previous armor, becoming the fastest armor at the time.

Naruto Naruto: Ninja Wars

The Fourth Ninja World War is a battle to achieve the goal of building a community of destiny in the Ninja world and balancing the interests of the five ninja nations. The number of ninja coalition forces has reached an unprecedented 80,000 people, and the war is united against the Moon Eye project. In the Fourth Ninja War, Naruto, who always stood on the side of justice and did not waver at all, became a hero worshipped by everyone in the ninja world. After all, the entire ninja world needs an example to encourage a new generation of ninjas to move forward. So Ming talent will become the first person in the ninja world.

Classical Cryptography: Virginia Code

The Virginia cipher (also translated as the Vergenal cipher) is an encryption algorithm that uses a series of Caesar ciphers to form a cipher alphabet. It is a simple form of multi-table ciphers. Using the 26-line alphabet, through the key, the plaintext ciphertext conversion is performed according to the characters on the table.

Stay tuned!



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