The Public Chain Version of The Three Kingdoms -Can the Move public chain compete with Ethereum and BTC?

2 min readOct 19, 2022

Where are the Ethereum killers? EOS and Polkadot, which we were chasing at the time, have lost the battle and are basically no match for Ethereum.

At this point, a16z came out with an elaborate plan. If one can’t compete with Ethereum, then three will. a16z invested in Libra’s successor Move public chain, Aptos, Sui and Linera in one go.

Today’s huge airdrop of Aptos led users to Sui, which led to traffic from Aptos going to Sui, and traffic from Sui going to Aptos. This made me admire a16z’s investment layout even more.

Aptos, Sui and Linera are three Move public chains, competing with each other, promoting each other and supporting each other.

But we have to be shocked by the growth of Ethereum since its 2.0 upgrade, the prosperity of Layer2, and the power of the EVM ecosystem.

So I’ve made a wild guess.
The future of the public chain ecosystem is to become a triad
BTC, Ethereum, and Move public chain will be the three public chains in the world.
BTC VS. ETH + Layer2 VS. Aptos + Sui + linera.

Right or wrong, let’s wait and see.

If you have any comments, please feel free to come to MoveChina and express your thoughts.





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