Time Keeper: Dmens OG Program

2 min readApr 1, 2023


TL,DR: Become a “Time Keeper” NFT Holder and Connect with the Mystical Digital Art Representing Time and Life!

The ComingChat × Dmens OG program, Time Keeper, is our first community incentive program. We issued “Time Keeper” NFT for two purposes:

  1. Celebrate the launch of the permanent testnet of Sui, and celebrate the upcoming mainnet.
  2. Reward the members of ComingChat and Sui communities, who are the best missionaries and preachers in Sui and ComingChat.

Becoming a “Time Keeper” NFT holder brings unprecedented experiences and privileges. As a first batch #WhiteList user, you will have the opportunity to obtain these unique digital artworks in priority. These NFTs are limited edition, with only 7,000 pieces, each representing unique value and meaning.

Holders of “Time Keeper” NFTs will enjoy the following privileges and rights:

  1. Accessibility of Dmens Token. Dmens will issue its own tokens, and users with Time Keeper will be eligible to participate in token acquisition and distribution.
  2. Exclusive Channel in ComingChat. There will be an exclusive channel in ComingChat for Time Keeper holders.
  3. Unprecedented Share of ComingChat. Users who hold Time Keeper will be eligible to subscribe for ComingChat shares/tokens at a discount.
  4. Share Profits. Part of the incomes from Dmens will be distributed to all of the holders.
  5. Priority and Fees Reduction. For some new functions, holders can experience them in priority. For paid functions, holders will enjoy partial fee reductions.

Who is eligible for “Time Keeper” Whitelist?

  1. Users who stake #Sui test coins to our Validator(named ComingChat) through ComingChat.
  2. Users who stake #Sui test coins to our Validator(named ComingChat).
  3. Users who participate in the followings “Staking and Earn” activities .




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