Tutorial on Claiming KSX from Your First Round Mining

3 min readApr 12, 2022


A quick tutorial on how to claim your mining KSX via Polkadot.js.

If you have participated in the first round of mining, please refer to this tutorial to claim the remaining 90% of your KSX tokens.

📅 First round of mining ended on December 31st, 2021.

Step 1: Visit the website mentioned below

Step 2: Click [Add account] or [Restore JSON] to import your KSX account

⚠️ Mined KSX is linked to your CID address. Please log in your account using mnemonic or keystore of your CID address.

Please enter the mnemonic phrase of your CID via [Add account]


Select keystore of your CID via [Restore JSON]

Step 3: Click the [🔻 ] icon to view details

You can view the total vested amount, the last day for full distribution, and the release amount of every single block.

Step 4: Click the [···] icon to start claiming

Select [unlock vested amount]

Step 5: Double-check with your account information

Confirm the gas fee of this unlock process and the recipient address where the vested amount is sent to, then click [Sign and Submit].

⚠️ Every claim will charge 0.01301928 KSX as gas fee.

Step 6: Sign the transaction (Enter password)

Step 7: After the vesting is successful, a prompt as shown in the image will pop up at the upper right hand corner

Step 8: Here you go!

After the vesting is successful, the claimed KSX will be transferred from (vested) to (transferrable)

You can also access SherpaX Scan to view transaction historty.

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