Win the first batch of testing rights of Coming and register limited DID!

What is Coming?

Coming is a communication software that focuses on user privacy and security. It is a portal for users to enter the Web3.0 world, and truly solves the problems of trust and security.

In the Web2.0 era, the most familiar communication software such as WeChat has created a very successful communication, social, and payment ecosystem. Coming is different from WeChat. It will become a portal for users to enter the Web3.0 world and truly solve the problem of trust and security.

At the communication level, Coming will abandon the centralized idea of ​​WeChat and other communication software and adopt end-to-end encryption, with only a decentralized Coming ID as identification. Users can enjoy Web3 services and applications without worrying about personal data and privacy information being disclosed. Coming will support cryptocurrency payments to meet users’ increasing demand for encrypted payments.

In addition, Coming will also provide a smart applet platform to meet the development and use of smart contracts and Dapp applications by developers and ordinary users. The difference with WeChat is that it is a completely decentralized platform on the blockchain, so we don’t have to worry about privacy information and data leakage caused by the use of small programs.

What makes Coming special?

Decentralized identity system

Decentralized identities are relative to centralized identities such as an accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Wechat. Its main feature is that it is native to the blockchain, the same ID can be used directly on different platforms and applications, and has strong privacy and tradable properties.
Coming will integrate a decentralized identity system: Coming ID. It is the unique identifier in the system and exists in the MiniX consortium chain in the form of NFT. Users can search for Coming IDs such as adding friends, establishing private communication, transferring encrypted assets, and using Dapp. Coming ID can be bound to addresses in different currencies, and allows applications and other chains to assign Coming ID to special attributes. In addition, Coming ID can also be traded and circulated along with its attached attributes.

Smart applet platform

Coming smart applet platform is a platform for rapid development, deployment and use of Dapp, integrated into Coming. For developers, the platform realizes template-based development and one-click deployment on the chain by integrating mainstream virtual machines and setting template middleware, which minimizes the time and cost of developers participating in Dapp development and deployment. For ordinary users, the platform will naturally adapt to the user’s Coming ID. Users can use the Dapp after simple authorization just like using the current WeChat applet, without worrying about personal information and behavioral data leakage.

Web3 browser

The Web3 browser is to achieve an effect similar to the Google browser. The difference is that the Web3 browser is more aimed at applications such as Dapp built on new technologies and pays more attention to data encryption and data privacy confirmation, DID identity adaptation and other problems in Web3 applications. When users use the Web3 browser, they can search for the target results most accurately and participate in the Web3 ecological application most conveniently.

Coming’s roadmap

Second-quarter of 2021: Coming launches the first beta version, which supports ChainX payment backend and encrypted message backend.

Users can initially experience digital currency transfer and encrypted information exchange.

Third-quarter of 2021: MiniX Chain goes online (Digital Identity backend), Coming’s group, voice, and video function modules are completed.

Fourth-quarter of 2021: Coming smart applet, Web3 browser is online.

First-quarter of 2022: Coming’s smart contract middleware platform is launched.

Second-quarter of 2022: Coming Web3 browser background big data, AI analysis and other functions will be added.

Who can participate in the Coming test

This testnet is the first time that Coming has faced public testing. It is only aimed at a very small group of users and has long-term support for the contributors of the ChainX development team to open up testing rights. Only 50 people are recruited worldwide for this test, and the following conditions must be met to participate in the test.

1) Hold 10000PCX or more.

2) Those with high community contributions will be given priority. If other conditions are the same, those with high community contribution will have priority.

3) Active participants will be given priority. If other conditions are the same, those who sign up first will have priority.

What can you gain by participating in the Coming test?

1) Coming 6-digit ID is optional

Coming ID is a decentralized identity in the form of 1–12 digits. Coming ID, as the unique identifier in the system, exists in the MiniX alliance chain in the form of NFT.

Generally Coming IDs consist of 12 digits or less. 6 digit IDs will be reserved for Coming community contributors.

7–12 digit IDs will be generated for normal users, counting up.

The 50 candidates who participated in the test will have possibility to select 6 arbitrary numbers as their Coming ID.

2) KSX rewards

Contributors who make effective suggestions will be rewarded 10–100KSX based on their contribution.

KSX is the mainnet token of SherpaX. SherpaX will participate in the Kusama parachain auction and become a parachain.

How to participate in the test?

1) Fill in the application form

Note: Please ensure that your number of coins is not less than 10000pcx, and transfer 0.0001PCX to 5TTKRDL4cti1ygzgHKXFhB3erWy6x8VXNreW2rZg14GMAG2v to verify your ownership of the wallet.

The deadline for the application form is 8pm on April 27th, UTC+8

2) Waiting for review

After receiving your application, the staff will notify the result of the review by email during April 26–28.

3) Start the test

After passing the review, 50 testers will participate in the test. The staff will send the test package to each tester.

How to receive rewards and ID?

After completing the test task, the staff will organize to submit the ID number you want.

If you have any questions, please contact


wechat: ChainX-PCX

About Coming

Coming, an encrypted messaging app with digital asset transfer function. Our communication module is built on the end-to-end encryption protocol to ensure the privacy of communication , and the transfer module will use X-BTC (BTC after cross-chain) as the circulating currency in the system with extremely low transaction fee.

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